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Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Established 1957
Everyone, licensed or not, is always welcome at our meetings,
and other activities like Field Day, Christmas Party, Breakfasts,   etc..  

IF (?) your setting at home

staring at your Baofeng

saying to yourself " is this all there is ? "

you should attend a few of our meetings,

our programs cover a host of interesting Ham Radio Topics,

and we would like to meet you.

Pocatello Amateur Radio Club, ham radio, Idaho Ham Radio Repeaters, Idaho amateur radio exams, ham radio exams, Idaho Amateur Radio, ham radio Idaho, ARRL ,
If you need information about Ham Radio  or our club, contact any Board Member.
see the "Station Index"  member roster below.
Jim Hicks
Dave Turnmire
JD Mann
John  Wilson
Neil Murdock
Dick Thomas
Ken Housley


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PARC , PO Box 2722,  Pocatello, Idaho 83206

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PARC is an equal opportunity employer

Our meetings: 
the 2nd Thursday of the month
ISU campus, Trade & Technology Building,
unless otherwise stated in the "news section"
 7PM Local Pocatello time.

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  What is Ham Radio,  it's "way" better than CB  or stamp collecting,  HR can be a  Hi Tech Hobby
  How to become a Ham, where to get help
  Where to take a TEST in SE Idaho
  Other Ham Clubs around Pocatello
    Straight Talk - for  new and old hams
  crazy talk by the webmaster that you may or not
  agree with.  And it's Not necessarily politically correct.  
  NEW Hams, Must watch video. Ask Dave #12
  PARC - community service caution


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Next test:  March 9,   1pm
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Time in UTC: Radios FOR SALE  by owner 2 Meter Repeaters in Pocatello
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But Not So Cold

Good attendance at our Feb meeting ,   KG7IDY, KIP, KG7IZF, KG7IZG
WA7VKE, N7DGN, Mrs DGN, N7TZK, KO7P, KI7VMF, one unlicensed.
and a great, and very informative program about batteries.

Several folks at the meeting want it posted here on the web so they could look
it over again,,   here's a link to the PDF presentation,  although not live like at the
meeting, there is LOTS of good information,
Presentation Link


Your assistance is requested
The PARC Board is looking for NEW ideas for club programs.  
we're happy  to cover the same topics every several years.  BUT
WE are sure some of you newer hams  have some great ideas we have overlooked,   
WE  request your presents and ideas at our meetings..   Please attend our meetings !


















Coming soon,  March 9th, 
the IDQPThis is a call for operators.. want to try your luck from my
shack,  will provide training,  etc etc,,    contact KIP on the roster page.
We will have between 12 noon Saturday into the evening, , thats a lot of
hours. need ops to win for Idaho,  
Its fun, its fast ,  you won't be bored..  We can run RTTY if you want or
just plain jane SSB..



Testing Results for Saturday 12 Jan 2019...
We had 11 candidates for testing.  
5 candidates earned their Technician license 
2 candidates earned their General license 
2 candidates earned their Extra license 
and 2 candidates failed to earn any license.

I want to thank the VEs who helped 
with the testing.  

They were: 
Jim KO7P 
Dick WA7VKE 
Elborn KA7MLM
Dave N7TZK.  
Without their help we couldnt give the tests.  
These VES do a great job.

Mike Vaughn  WB7DNU
This is reprinted from the ARRL contest newsletter, the entire
newsleter is available at 
Feb 6 edition.

If you're not part of a local radio club with members involved in HF contesting, consider joining one. Besides being able to draw upon the expertise of other amateurs, some projects such as those involving antennas and cabling can be made easier when others help out. Enthusiasm begets enthusiasm, and many clubs encourage contest participation with inter-club competitions and club awards for contest activity. One place to find a club is the ARRL Contest Club List. Clubs on the list submit or intend to submit contest logs for ARRL contests.

The upcoming ARRL International DX Contests are great opportunities to work a lot of DX for fun or to increase your DXCC totals. In this contest multipliers count per band, and the DX stations will only be looking for US and Canadian stations.

And speaking of things to do, 
just to the left is a Call for Operators, 
now not to brag toooo much , but if I don't 
you probably won't know. My station  (KIP) 
while not world class, certainly out classes 
most area stations, So when you push the TX
button, you expect something to happen, 
No, not smoke. With a Big antenna, (repeat sort'a BIG)
a Hi Power amplifier, and a nice radio, 
although not a Yaesu,  you expect to get contacts. 
THIS IS NOT QRP, Notice to airman, or birds: flying in 
front of  my antennas is not advised, RF burns are 
possible !  think incineration ?? 
Sorry, Just stating the facts. So again, check out 
the Idaho QSO party op at my Shack.  your chance to 
try something new.
sincerely John Wilson  
on the sign up sheet are 
WWN supporting CW
KO7P  sunday morning,
W7NJM  between 12:30 and 2 pm Saturday.
K7ETE, is on the list, variable times 
and me KIP  picking up the slack, 
WHO else wants to give it a try ?? 

here is a sample of whats possible 
a bit old, but it was a really big deal then,,  W1AW and PARC 

Watching your 2 meter HT Charging isn't much fun, this is !!!!!!!


  Callsign look ups:
Need to find out where someone lives, sending a QSL card ?
 * QRZ.com


 *The University of Arkansas ham lookup
  DX SPOTS & more
 *DX Sherlock Maps - current band conditions 106 & 2  meter  
          *DX Summit - http://new.dxsummit.fi/#/  SPOTS
          *DX Watch -  http://www.dxwatch.com/  SPOTS
          *APRS NETWORK DATA Two meter propagation map
YOUR Propagation use the Reverse Beacon Network                  
              this link shows W1AW, to change to your call , just above the list
              see "search spots by callsign" , then to see the map display,,
              on the right top side of the page , click "options" show/hide go down
              just a bit and click show map. Why does this need to be so complex
  These ARRL newsletters are update regularly,
click the link, pick the latest edition at the top of the list 
  ARRL NEWS  General Ham News.  http://www.arrl.org/arrlletter  
  ARRL Contest Newsletter       http://www.arrl.org/contest-update-issues  
  ARRL   ARES  E-Letter     http://www.arrl.org/ares-el
if your main interest is emergency communications
you should check into
  PV-ARES web.
  ARRL "The Doctors in"      https://www.blubrry.com/arrl_the_doctor_is_in/       The Dr's in Audio podcasts, worth checking out,  a new topic is covered
every 2 weeks,  this link takes you to the topic index 
  Want to find out what's coming in the next few weeks, check here



like Hats, T-shirts, Jackets, etc, available from

Old Town Embroidery, call 234-2679

Anderson Power Poles are available from our club treasure

Here's a video link about the Power Pole connectors   LINK
you do not need a crimper,  several club members will loan theirs
to you or crimp the cables for you at a club meeting
The Club has purchased a quantity of these Anderson Power Pole's. They are available at the meeting for $1.25  a set for the 15, 30 amp varieties & $2.25 for the 45amp units. contact the treasure at the meetings.











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