instant track satellite tracking software for dos,instanttrack v1.55 download free close to bottom of this page on the left   v1.55
NEW HAMS ,  this is a must see video,   
This is some of the best , absolutely the best, no nonsense information and advice  I would give to a new ham,  
WATCH IT.         Link
learn a lot,  become a ham.


      American Radio Relay League (home page)

            Join or Renew link
FCC ULS link
you can renew your license at this link, or print your license, and much more.  for help see the PARC page
an excellent magazine !
QCWA   Quarter of a Century Wireless Association
Sorry you new guys, to join, you must have been a Ham for 25 years

The Defacto place to find a hams info, plus --  for sale, blogs

Every Ham should have his contact info and maybe a little BIO about himself, and a picture,  your nearly famous,  you have a ham license,  tell the world.
you need an account , sign up,  its painless .

Here's a link that Hannah said was interesting, Hannah and her other girl scouts are learning to "" think like an Engineer"" for their summer project. Here is her link ,,
All About Electronic Circuits for Kids
Good luck to Hannah and her girl scout friends.


lots of good things to listen and learn 
Link to index of  audio podcasts 

How About a bit of communications History
A Telecommunications TIMELINE, 
submitted by Peyton Clarkson,  Thanks Peyton
Click Here

How about a bit of radio History, click this
Maidenhead Grid Square Locator Map   LINK
know your grid is important if your going to work 6 meters
Not ham related but WHERE"S the FIRE

A Blast from the Past !  want to know about Hallicrafters equipment ,  here's a link,,  heads up - its a big file.
Hallicrafters Web Site   Idaho Road Reports
a direct link to the Pocatello I-15 web cam
Poca RADAR  
                           Poca Forecast   
                                                     US MAP Alerts
Lots of everything pertaining to Ham Radio
heres a very interesting, live lighting web,             
looking for something ?  THE VENDOR

   a great web for satellite watching.
more stuff than you can imagine !
Where is the DX ?  This is a list of advertised DX operations around the world,
Parts, at what seems like a fair price

WoW !  an archive of many , MANY old magazines, covering
almost everything .. American Radio History

  RADIO AND Electronic Kits, and more  
a lot of Kits, lots and lots of interesting things
This is a place in Finland that sells ham radio kits, Some look very interesting..
Looking for electronic do dads ? check out
And a chineese company that sells all sorts of cheap kits, not so much ham radio, but electronics,  their catalog is confusing
heres a link thats for Arduino stuff, but lists all sorts of things to build.
  Need Parts or a Soldering Iron,  lots of stuff  ,, take a look
Soldering Iron
need parts for an antenna, coax adapters, coax connectors, and a hole bunch of other stuff. Note from KIP, this company has a lot of neat things, check them out

Computer Software

Ham Software

NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Project  LINK

W6NEK  has a great one,  he is SK  so the file is on the PARC server/
and DL5SWB, also SK, file on parc server
theres another one that is somewhat complex, called BeaconSee.

Logging Software, for everyday hamming, great stuff...  ONCE loaded
it has a little learning curve,  call me for details,
webmaster  k0ip  pocatello   251-6441

Not free but cheap ! and good ! an excellent package
Logging Software, used by many PARC members,

  want a great circle map from ur location down load it
I've tested this and it seems good.
Satellite tracking software for DOS,  this was at one time the hot ticket, it is written for DOS. I think it will run in a dos window ??  works great, simple to use.  myself and N7LB tracked and talked with the space shuttle at Franklin Jr Hi 
using this software.
Instanttrack V1.55 the latest version, 
you can't buy this so if you need a DOS tracker 
here it is . Instant track  
This version 1.55 & V1.5 are the only version 
that operates correctly.. if you have a older
version, just erase it, there was some bug 
associated with the year 2000. 
heres the manual NOW I'VE FOUND the official site

This is the software I used to contact the space shuttle
Works great,  in fact I think better that some of the 
stuff AMSAT is selling now. 


CW to Ring Tone Converter
make ur phone send CW !
Ham Humor !   Memory Channels  - how many is toooo  many
Famous J-a-y   L-e-n-o   CW vs Text Messaging ,   
This is a download, save it to your computer, make sure you
know where you saved it
,  its name is
once you save it, RENAME it lenocw.wmv    then it will be
yours forever, saved on your computer               --------->>>
Note: Leno vs cw,   if I leave the file name lenocw.wmv, and you click the link, all sorts of various problems popup ! depending on your computer configuration ??

so the .xyz  was a sure bet to force a download of the file to your computer ....   its safe,,  John kip tested 

 Dilbert        What makes a Ham  !                 You Tube CW as seen BY ??
CW from the old'en days , back when every ham had to know CW.. by W2NSD Wayne Link
PARC Webmaster

If you know any good links , please contact KIP 

      Idaho Potato Contest Group - Digital S-Meter
            This device is only for serious operator  !
     Digital Wonder do it all S-Meter