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Test Schedule for 2017
The next test is on Saturday    January 21,   Note time change, starting at 12 Noon
                                                            date and time change do to a scheduling conflict at the Pocatello Library.
future 2017 testing dates and times:
March 11 at 1:00pm
May 13 at 1:00pm
Sept 9  at 1:00pm
November 4 at 12 Noon
We give tests for all 3 Amateur Classes: Technician, General, Extra.
special test sessions are available for large groups , contact Mike WB7DNU for details  email: mevaughn01(at)  -- Phone  (208) 904-4925



Location: Marshall Public Library - 113 S Garfield Ave, - Pocatello, ID
Testing starts at 12 noon. Don't be late.. 
There will be VE's on hand starting at 11:45 PM to answer questions.
Please try to be on time as the testing room is only available for
a limited amount of time and we need to start promptly at 12 noon sharp.

 how to get to the testing 
location !


No pre-registration is required
walk-ins are welcome
Make sure to bring all your "required" ID's / Originals / Copies / money

All necessary  FCC forms will be provided at the test session


The following documents are needed at the test session.
It is your responsibility to bring all necessary originals and copies*.

1.       One Photo Identification, AND  a copy* of that ID,  
 {EVERYONE  needs to bring this}

IF no photo ID is available, then bring two other forms of
identification with copies* of those two identification papers. 
Acceptable forms of identification are your Social Security Card, birth certificate
(which must have the appropriate seal), or a utility bill, bank statement or
other business correspondence that specifically names the person.

2.   The Test fee is $15, The exact amount is best.
{EVERYONE  needs to bring this}

3.         If you have a ham license and are upgrading: (You need to bring)
Your official FCC License,  The one the FCC mailed to you
a "official copy" of your FCC license.  (one you downloaded)
At the test session, you need a copy of your license, or the offical copy.  

To get an "official copy"  follow the instructions below. 

If you DO NOT have a Paper FCC License, read this paragraph.
(you need this to take the test.)

To get a copy of your license go to the ARRL web site at: then
click on the box, at the top of the page, titled Licensing, Education & Training
Once the box is opened, scroll down to the paragraph FCC GOES PAPERLESS. 
Inside the paragraph are the words Obtain License Copy in blue, indicating it's a link.  
Click on the link and follow the instructions on the page to obtain an official copy
of your FCC Amateur Radio License.  If you need a copy sooner, you can download
and print a copy for the test.  The instructions for printing a copy of the license
are given on the linked page.

4.      If you have an unexpired CSCE
{You NEED to bring}
The original CSCE   AND  a

Note:  It is your responsibility to bring all necessary originals and copies,
*There are copy facilities available at the library (15 cents per page).
If you need copies at the library, make sure you get there early.    
bring some change...

still confused, contact Mike Vaughn WB7DNU  380-9452



If you fail any test element, to retake that element costs another $15.

End of Transmission