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ur radios in the olden days, lets call this a revival ??

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I have this stuff on QRZ and eBay as well.   Here is the description:   

Complete Collins S-Line station:  $ 3,900 or best offer.
                                Collins 75S3-B    Receiver                                              (back from Collins tune-up)
                                Collins 32S-3    Exciter                                
                                Collins 516F-2 Power Supply                                       (for 32S-3)
                                Collins 312B-4    Station Control Unit
                                AOR DDS-2A                                                              BRAND NEW IN BOX.  Makes station ALL BAND digital VFO
                                Collins 30L-1 Amplifier
                                N3ZI digital display                                                          adds digital display to station  
                               1 Kw Antenna Tuner                                                       (I think Collins made this, but not widely sold) 

Station has been in storage for a couple of years.  All working well when we moved.  Has an digital display on the Receiver which works very well, BUT there is a BRAND NEW, Un-opened AOR DDS-2 which I bought for the station.   Have all new Collins manuals.  I kept the originals but they are quite ragged.  All new interconnecting cables.  Most of the gear has been shipped to Collins Collector techs who went through it for me.  It all works great.  Non smoker.  Can deliver within 400 miles of Salt Lake City, UT.   OR, deliver to FedEx for packaging and shipping BUT buyer pays for this service. 

I need to sell this as a package, sorry.   Please e-mail or call for pictures and to ask any questions.
All the gear (except the antenna tuner) has been gone through by either William Noonan (SK) or David Knepper of Collins Radio Association. 

I trust that if you are interested you are well aware of what this gear looks like.  There are NO MODs to any of these units.  They are in very good condition.  It has taken me years and years to collect this station.  Thanks for looking.   Jim AD7JM  (208) 390-7758


Mike K7CF











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my beloved Orion 1 – compared receiver to Flex SDR 1,000 – maybe a hair difference but definitely heard better than a Kenwood or ICOM. Has auto-tuner, cooling fan, all filters filled, 9 MHZ output for LP-PAN Pan Adapter (computer display like Flex SDR radios), LP-PAN, EMU-0202 audio interface, matching speaker, TEN TEC studio mic , and spare LCD display – package deal – $1,150


Mike K7CF

Ten Tec Speech processor model 715 currently in production




Mike K7CF

AOR ARD-9000 Digital Speech transmitting and receiving device that gives you a digital FM receive and transmit on 20 Meter SSB. Plugs in rig in series with microphone.
Used a couple of times, takes SSB, removes background noise, sounds like FM on receive taking out all the HF noise from the other station. This is compatible with all the AOR 9,000 series digital devices. This unit is like having a “secret” no can hear your transmission on 20 meters SSB – like a phone scrambler.
Yep, the FCC says it is OK and like a typical digital mode JT-65 etc except this is voice. asking $195 – new model is $399.
Mike K7CF
Pocatello   posted 25 Feb 2017
I have the following modules for sale:
Tait T858-10 UHF Power Amp - $ 80.00.  Used
Tait T857 UHF Exciter - $ 80.00. Used
Tait T855-10 UHF  Receiver - $ 80.00. Used
Tait T838-10 VHF Power Amp -$ 40.00. Used needs repair.

Celwave UHF Duplexer model 633-6A-5N - $ 100.00 Used      
AD7UI -208-244-2154


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Want to Buy
Looking for a Hy-Gain  Hy-Tower  18HT vertical antenna, 
if you know of one for sale, please contact me at  K2SAW(a)

Weiser, Id          listed 11 dec 2016
I a nice Hygain Th7dxx beam for sale- asking $500 
It is disassembled into a bundle about 5 in. in diameter and 6 ft long, 
so I think it could be shipped..  Will ship free for a full price offer. 
My price is JUST OVER half the new cost, and includes a set of new plastic 
trap ends which I bought and never installed. 

73, Lee , ak7t  phone 208 549 2335.  

Idaho Falls        Listed 2 Dec 2016                          For Sale:

60ft crank up tower. Aluma model T-60HN.Includes 120V winch, tilt base plate,
YAESU G-800SDX and G-500A rotators, guy wires and house bracket. Asking $4000.

40ft mobile air pushup tower. Includes spare tire for trailer, leveling feet for trailer and guy straps with

ground stakes. Trailer requires 2 in ball. Asking $3000.

Call John  N7WZ  208 520 3537 leave message           Pictures of this tower and trailer ,  please click this link to download a  Word file


I am looking for a good quality ham radio base unit or another handheld unit. I am very short on money, but work
on computers and provide virtual remote tech support services which I would be willing to trade for another radio.
Text me at (208) 993-3268. My name is Ted. Thank you



Coeur d'Alene, ID    Listed Oct 4, 2016
NEW power supply for sale.  9 to 15VDC at 30A
Tekpower TP30SWII  , NEW in the box, Never used
price $90 or open to offers
Derrick George NL5L
2079 W Killington Dr.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
480-721-2602 email   desertclassics(a)