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Idaho Ham List

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HELLO Guys  ,,,   do you have something for sale,  you need to let me know   HELLO    HELLLLLLO 

Salmon Idaho
WW2 Surplus , Tons of it too much to list, look closely at the pictures, call george and make a deal
(208) 756-4147            click the pictures to make them bigger



TS850 S  AT with tuner  MINT    $550 with mike, power cable, books etc
kENWOOD mc85 MICROPHONE  likewise MINT $75
honest, this radio probably has 1 hour on it.  I powered it up to tested it out,  probably another hour and the second QSO, ever.

MC-85,  if you buy the radio $40
this is living estate for KC7HHR Lee

click the pictures to make them full screen
contact jcwilson((at))ida.net


 Hy-Gain LJ- 204BA with The BN-86 Balum $425,    phone  208 251 6441
still in the air, will demo, I will take it down when the money hits my hand   HI HI
This makes your signal LOUD  !!!   link to specs  link

    204BA @ 50 feet                                                                              front 10-4 4 element 10 meter,   back 204ba        click the pictures

Other antennas,,  Cushcraft skywalker 10-4CD 4 element 10 meter monobander   $150        http://www.cushcraftamateur.com/pdffiles/951350.pdf
                          Cushcraft skywalker 10-3CD  3 element 10 meter monobander   needs a few new parts $50
                          cushcraft                  A50-3  3 element 6 meter  $60  link/specs
                          Cushcraft                 A14411 2 each with stacking kit,  makes a 22 element Vertical antenna, lots of dB's. $50 link

                                                                       AR-6 6 meter ringo ranger   link  $50

                                                                          all antennas listed are 100% guaranteed by me. 

                                                      make offers,  ???

Pocatello, idaho

Swan 350 Transceiver.  AC Power supply with speaker and also the DC power supply.  - $150.00

working last time I plugged them in.
Can't Ship, need to be picked up

Gary - K7NEY         k7ney((at))arrl.net


Pocatello,,    FREE   
30 to 40 foot guyed tower..  it has several antennas , probably some coax  etc  mounted on it.
from what I understand the vertical antenna on the top was used for CB ????????
you need to safely take it down   its free.  the xyl just wants it gone. call Deanna at 419 8135
leave a message if she doesn't answer 
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Pocatello, pickup only  , contact k0ip jcwilson((at))ida.net or call 251-6441  ...  Click pictures to make them bigger,  
Motorola MICOR - k0ip
I have several of these, both similar configurations, both are C73RTB
tuned in the 155 mhz range  , make great repeaters    $25 each. more pictures  #1#2#3  ,  #4  ,  #5#6
TenTec Hercules 444 Solid state amp
Works perfect , with book, ready to go with 10meters 600 watts NO TUNE !  $ 500
100%  Perfect, puts out a lot of power, NO soft tubes,  
in fact NO tubes at all ,, 
call for details or drop by I will demonstrate,   208 251 6441


two meter beam  $49
KLM 2m-16 16 element HI GAIN broad band 
144to 148 low swr, 14 + DB gain , this is not the LBX ,
this has 4 driven elements for broadband.
picture #2         contact k0ip             Pickup in pocatello, no shipping
Pocatello WW2 Military 

WW2 RDO receiver and 3 extra tuning heads,
tested and in good working order, more pictures Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
THIS INCLUDES, the receiver, all the military plugs for the power & audio
THE COMPLETE MILITARY BOOK, and all 4 plugins. $250.
modules include the one show in the radio  38 to 1000 MHz
plus TN3b 300 to 1000 mhz, TN1b 40 to 90 mhz, & TN54B 2150 to 4000 MHZ
You get it all, will NOT ship, its too heavy,  we would consider a donation to any
group rebuilding a ship.
  contact k0ip      Pickup in pocatello, no shipping



450 mhz Corner Reflector               
antennas commercial, built tough I have 3, $49 each.
KIP 's listing,  contact  kip   email or 251-6441

Two meter beam  KLM 13LBA,  $49   ~~   15+ dBi  
Pickup in pocatello, no shipping, $100 -- with book
21 foot boom, lots of gain,  don't be in the herd, be heard !  k0ip

copy of instruction book.  link
Hallicrafters  TTY exciter  0-5B/fr 
KIP 's listing,  contact  kip   email or 251-6441 Pic #2
TWO METER Beams.   8 element

KLM 2M-8 broadband 144-148 FM or SSB/cw end of the band
mount horizontally for SSB, Vertical for FM,  work those distant  repeaters
4 driven elements for Broadband performance,  10.3 db gain

click the pictures to make them bigger                     $35 k0ip
 Pickup in pocatello, no shipping  Pickup in pocatello, no shipping  Pickup in pocatello, no shipping

POCATELLO, KIP 's listings,  contact  kip   email or 251-6441
2m. Corner Reflector , commercial grade  $100, lets talk!



Combiner ,  VHF,  put 4 radios on the same antenna,  $400. in the rack,  Pocatello  251-6441


lets talk about price ..

powersupplies,    make offers,   open to suggestions,   john Pocatello k0ip 2082516441

Open Frame POWER SUPPLY blow-out   --- NEED ONE OF THESE  contact me for a DEAL,  CHEAP for those in need .
most power supplies as listed below are continuous duty at the rating.  12V units usually are adjustable up to 13.8V as used by most ham equipment,
perfect for 2 meter radios, etc
many of these can also be used as FLOAT supplies for batteries,  set to float voltage and forget ..   k0ip pocatello, will ship

Acopian VTD12-250 Gold Box 12 VDC 2.5A Dual Tracking DC Power Supply

Acopian VTD12-250 Gold Box 12 VDC 2.5A Dual Tracking DC Power Supply
Acopian VTD12-250 Gold Box 12 VDC 2.5A Dual Tracking DC Power Supply
24VDC 10 amp  Unregulated

34V DC 1.5A regulated

15V at 4.5Amp, can be adjusted for 13.8vdc
24VDC 4 amps
24VDC   2.5Amps
12Vdc   3.4amp
24VDC   2.4amps
24VDC 1.5amp
15 VCD  10 amp    adjusts to 13.8 for ham equipment
24VDC 500ma
13.8VDC   7 amps
28V 100ma

adjustable to 13.5 VDC   10 amps