Dentron, collins, hallicrafters swan forsale  ham radio cushcraft hy-gain antennas  2 meter beam  open frame power supplies for sale idaho ut mt wy  HDBX-48 TenTec Hercules 444, 450 mhz Corner Reflector,  204BA , military RDO receiver,  MLA-2500,  10-4CD monobander,

As you OT'er know,  the "yellow sheets" was "the way" to sell
ur radios in the olden days, lets call this a revival ??

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Pocatello     Listed Oct 20, 2016
For you old times, like me,   an analogue  brute force power supply 
AS new,  its been setting here on the floor for 2 years waiting for a repeater project , which I have decided will never happen ..
so its time to find this power supply a new home
ASTRON  RS-50M   --  Basically NEW in the box with book and power cord.   $200
Coeur d'Alene, ID    Listed Oct 4, 2016
NEW power supply for sale.  9 to 15VDC at 30A
Tekpower TP30SWII  , NEW in the box, Never used
price $90 or open to offers
Derrick George NL5L
2079 W Killington Dr.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
480-721-2602 email   desertclassics(a)


Pocatello                                          Listed Oct 20, 2016
WW2 Code Talker Radio System ,   $1200 if you pick it up
see this link for more details and lots of pictures   if shipped $1500  k0ip(a)
Boise area

I have an Icom IC-756 Pro 3 for sale LOWER PRICE   $1000     relisted 29 Aug 2016
I am original owner and it is in mint condition.  Included is power cable, hand mic and manual.
I have original shipping box so it is easy to mail.  Pay by Postal Money order or cashier's check. 
I have lived at this QTH for 36 years and long time ham.   Always on a covered shelf and I don't smoke. 
My phone is 208-888-7020 and e-mail is  donka7t(a)  .  KA7T Don.
Note: those aren't scratches, just smudges from me touching the screen

Salt Lake City area      listed 26 Aug 2016

For Sale:

RFS  1/2" Heliax new on the roll for $1.00 a foot. We have 2000 Ft available and will cut to your length.

This is RFS  Cellflex LCF12-50J Heliax cable. This is similar to Andrew LDF4-50A 1/2" Heliax and the connectors fit both cables.

We don't have connectors for this cable but we can show you where you get get them from a number of suppliers starting at $5.00 each.

Please contact Mel Parkes, NM7P at 801-673-6116 or John Lloyd, K7JL at 801-943-8830.                  Link for SPECS

Pocatello,  Added 16 Aug
Scanner receiver,  300 memory channels, 
Realistic PRO-2004, you can hear FM on
10,  6, 2 meters & 70 centimeter band.
it gets all the FRS channels, GMRS channels , 
AIRcraft,  However  not the pocatello Police
or Fire department , it still hears Idaho State police   Works great, I have
Toooo many scanners, got to lighten the load.
John 208-251-6441   with antenna and book.
25-520 Mhz and 760 - 1300 Mhz
AM- FM   ... $40. less than 1/2 of ebay prices
come and test it out at my house, 
pocatello, added 1 july

STUFF of all kinds,   do you need parts, connectors, resistors , capacitors, insulators, PARTS AND MORE PARTS
contact John 251-6441...... Really,  I have one of everything..    

Wire, antenna wire,  radial wires,  this wire that wire, I have hundreds of kinds of wire. if your making an antenna,  I will give you the wire.
need microphone cable , got that too.  twisted pair, got that too. 

I have new 14-2,  12-2,  full boxes,   boxes of  CAT-5 ethernet cable.   plus the connectors and tools to make your custom cables,

don't be SHY,  call me, lets make a deal we will both be happy with,  
 If you've every been in my basement, and garage you know that I'm not lying ,  I've GOT STUFF.       


COAX   why buy new and pay a lot for postage , get it in pocatello for way less money, all guaranteed to be perfect.

I have brand new Carol-Columbia  RG-58/U  for 10 cents a foot. 

I have hundreds of feet of RG8 Intercomp Bury Flex by Davis , its used but was in a conduit, like new. can supply up to 185' lengths , 
or will cut to your length,   50 cents a foot..   link info   this is half price, and you won't pay a fortune for shipping if you pick it up,,

I have hundreds of feet of RG-11 75ohm  NEW  (military) 50 cents a foot.. need for those phasing harnesses ??

I have about 425 feet of Cable Experts, new on the spool,  RG-8  (9913) flex direct bury, $1.00 a foot (new you pay $1.25 plus shipping) see first item on this list

I can put ""new"" solder on Amphenol connectors on your custom cable for  $6 for each end,  .  forget that crimp on SHI...

Guys, this is a bargain,      k0ip  208-251-6441  jcwilson (a)

Weiser, Id
I have downsized with a recent move, the result being that I have a HyGain TH7-DXX
7 element 10/15/20 m beam which I can no longer use. With a good tuner I was able also
to work 17 & 12 m. Although still in production, this is one that is about 15 yrs old, yet still worked
perfectly when I took it down last fall.  It will come with a brand new set of replacement trap ends. 
See the HyGain website for complete specs.  $500 firm & you pick up in Weiser, ID   

I also have an Alpha Delta DX-a 40/80/160 m wire antenna which requires a tower or metal pole
as its sky-hook as it serves as part of the antenna $70; and
a set of New MFJ  "adaptive cable" pass-throughs (see p. 149 in May QST for picture) $25

inquire to    ak7t(a) or call at 208 549-2335 , ask for Lee.       click picture for a better view

Pocatello ,  Dentron  MLA-2500 160-10meter amplifier    full output  wired for 220v.
Pocatello Pickup, and demo,,  call john 251-6441..  I'm still using this amp , come on by for a demo.
$800      life's way to short for QRP, push the button and feel the force ..
    click the picture to make it bigger
Rupert, Idaho
Yaesu FT-1000MP HF Transceiver with the SSB & CW filters
Yaesu SP-6  external speaker,    Heil  PRO-5 microphone/headset  -  w/attachments for push to talk
Heil footswitch, & Bencher BY series lambic paddle key      Contact:  KD7IYA  Kevan  kjv(a)   $1500 for a complete station !
GE Mastr II,  UHF repeater, want more info , send me an email,   in cabinet with doors, and power supply  ,
$55 ,  Pickup k0ip(a)
Meridian, ID

For sale:  2" OD. chromoly mast 21 feet long x 3/8" wall. 
It's heavy and is in Meridian, ID.  Painted black with Rustoleum. 
It was up for less than a year.  Cost me $600 to buy and ship from Ohio. 
Will take $200 if you pick up. 

Also 1 section of Rohn 55G with a top on it and two Rohn 2" thrust
bearings.  Also a shelf for a small prop pitch if you want it.  (Prop pitch
not included).  The Rohn section and the top with the two thrust bearings
for $500.  (Just the top cost me $457 plus shipping).  It was up for less
than a year and is still shiny.  73, Greg-N4CC  208-608-3216 n4cc(a)

Salmon Idaho
WW2 Surplus , Tons of it too much to list, look closely at the pictures, call George and make a deal
(208) 756-4147    email  gbabits((a))        click the pictures to make them bigger  


      buy it while it's hot, LOTS
still available, but Lots has been
Sold,  don't wait.

Pocatello    ANTENNAS - -  updated 23 July 2016
Hy-Gain  LJ- 204BA with The BN-86 Balum $399,    phone  208 251 6441
This makes your signal LOUD  !!!   link to specs  link    It is now safely stored on the ground,

    204BA @ 50 feet                                              front 10-4 4 element 10 meter,   back 204ba        click the pictures

Other antennas,, 
Cushcraft skywalker 10-4CD 4 element 10 meter monobander   $150
Cushcraft skywalker 10-3CD  3 element 10 meter monobander   usable, but needs a few new parts $50
Cushcraft                  A50-3    3 element 6 meter  $60  link/specs
Cushcraft                  A144- 11 times 2 each with stacking kit,  makes a 22 element Vertical antenna, lots of dB's. $50 link
Hy-gain                     P-5BDQ $100,        80 to 10 trapped dipole 94 feet max length, horizontal or inverted V  link

                                                                          all antennas listed are 100% guaranteed by me. 

I have miles of copper wire for dipoles,  insulators, etc,  and 53 years of ham knowledge,   all free if you show up and want to make a dipole. 

PocatelloTenTec Hercules 444 Solid state amp   Works perfect , with book, ready to go with 10meters 600 watts NO TUNE !  $ 399
100%  Perfect, puts out a lot of power, NO soft tubes, in fact NO tubes at all ,,    NO shipping
I will demonstrate,   k0ip((a))           THIS INCLUDES the TenTec Power supply , which is as big as the amp, its sets on the floor, the connecting
cable, BOOKS,  in excellent condition. just plug it in                   link Spec sheet 1   Spec sheet 2
life's way to short for QRP, push the button and feel the force ..

Pocatello  TWO meter Beam $49,  KLM  2m-16  16 element broadband  144 to 148mhz low swr  14+DB gain , note this is not the LBX model

Pocatello WW2 Military  WW2 RDO receiver and 3 extra tuning heads, tested and in good working order,  
THIS INCLUDES, the receiver, all the military plugs for the power & audio.. THE COMPLETE MILITARY BOOK, and all 4 plugins. $250.
modules include the one show in the radio  38 to 1000 MHz,,     plus TN3b 300 to 1000 mhz, TN1b 40 to 90 mhz, & TN54B 2150 to 4000 MHZ
You get it all, will NOT ship, its too heavy,  I would consider a donation to any group rebuilding a ship.  k0ip((a))
one more picture  at  Pic3

Pocatello  Hallicrafters  TTY exciter  0-5B/fr  $50 with book k0ip((a))
450 mhz Corner Reflector --   antennas commercial, built tough,,    I have 3, need a link antenna   $50 each  k0ip((a))
2m. Corner Reflector , commercial grade  $100, lets talk!     k0ip((a))
Two meter beam  KLM 13LBA,  $49   ~~   15+ dBi  Pickup in pocatello, no shipping, $100 -- with book,  21 foot boom, lots of gain, 
don't be in the herd, be the leader of the pack .......... copy of instruction book.  link            k0ip((a))



powersupplies,    make offers,   open to suggestions,   john Pocatello k0ip 2082516441
lots of these 12 V supplies are great for running  typical 12 V radios equipment,  not the 90W out radios, 
a 3 amp supply at 12 V makes 36 Watts, which will easily power a 10 to 20 watt mobile. or charge batteries,
I've got tons of power cords,  bring your radio over and we can give it a test ,   

Open Frame POWER SUPPLY blow-out   --- NEED ONE OF THESE  contact me for a DEAL,  CHEAP for those in need .
most power supplies as listed below are continuous duty at the rating.  12V units usually are adjustable up to 13.8V as used by most ham equipment,
perfect for 2 meter radios, etc
many of these can also be used as FLOAT supplies for batteries,  set to float voltage and forget ..   k0ip pocatello, will ship

Acopian VTD12-250 Gold Box 12 VDC 2.5A Dual Tracking DC Power Supply

Acopian VTD12-250 Gold Box 12 VDC 2.5A Dual Tracking DC Power Supply
Acopian VTD12-250 Gold Box 12 VDC 2.5A Dual Tracking DC Power Supply
24VDC 10 amp  Unregulated

34V DC 1.5A regulated
2 times 12V at 1.5Amps
 and      5V at 6 amps

15V at 4.5Amp, can be adjusted for 13.8vdc
24VDC 4 amps
24VDC   2.5Amps
12Vdc   3.4amp
24VDC   2.4amps
24VDC 1.5amp
15 VCD  10 amp    adjusts to 13.8 for ham equipment
12V  3.5A
24VDC 500ma
13.8VDC   7 amps
5V,   12amps
28V 100ma

adjustable to 13.5 VDC   10 amps