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Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Pocatello, Idaho


ocatello Amateur Radio Club, ham radio, Idaho Ham Radio Repeaters, Idaho amateur radio exams, ham radio exams, Idaho Amateur Radio, ham radio Idaho, ARRL ,
If you need information about Ham Radio  or our club, contact any Board Member.
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Beverly Hewett N7WYK  President
Moritz Rupert KJ7DPY  Board Member
Willis Whatley WA5VRL  Board Member
Brad Maxwell N7FLM  Board Member
Dave Turnmire N7TZK  Secretary/Treasure
Craig Evans K4TCO  Vice President
Kevin Pendlebury KI7UKJ  Recording Secretary

The Pocatello Amateur Radio Club attempts to present timely programs that are intended to broaden the knowledge of our hobby to both those seasoned*  hams as well as newer hams
bring you questions, 
bring your comments, 
bring your experiences and knowledge.
See you at a meeting.

Our meetings: 

Second Thursday of every months
7pm, ISU, T&T building
see below (news section) for program details

How to find our meeting

PARC Two Meter NET
Sunday nights  8 pm local
* Definition:   "seasoned hams",   mostly seasoned with large quantities of salt in case of the webmeaster BEER .. HI HI

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 PARC , PO Box 2722, Pocatello, Idaho 83206

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October 13,,,   T&T    7pm
Along with the normal before and after meet & greet discussions,
Brad N7FLM,  He's our regular Sunday evening NET CONTROL.
He will be present ''Mobile Antenna's"  and propagation patterns,
types of antennas,  where to place then  on your car.. Should be
very informative..   See you there




   Great turn out for the hunt,

              lots of hunters,  
5 hidden transmitters
              provided by Rich  KR7W. everyone there
              had a great time.


repeater news -.-
the 10 meter link antenna, designed by kip, A truly ingenious design (?) to let the whips flop around in the wind and hopefully survive ice buildup, which has destroyed several other antennas... 
(Built to last forever, we will see ????)
Built with assistance from WB7DNU, other hams providing whip antennas and springs, it was installed by kip and KR7W on Sept 10.

here's some pictures,

The antenna's hard to see, click the picture for a better view.

UPDATE,,,  10 meters has been open, and the
10meter link has been buzzing with East coast stations.



The 2022 SwaptoberFest will be held on October 8, 2022 at the Bridgerland Applied Technology Center, 1410 N 1000 W, Logan UT at 9 AM
This event is well attended by many individuals from northern Utah and southern Idaho.  Many PARC members attend,  worth the short drive, you
never know what you might find.

NOTE: they have moved back inside, and moved locations..   CLICK  here for a map,SwaptoberFest,  Parc members.... its best to know where your going before you get lost







Blast from the Past             link to blast history

One of our club members used one of these,,,  he says  5 watts out and not too good of
receiver,   Circa 1962  +/-    ,,, BUT , it was way better than the HeathKit 6er..
he used a Carbon Microhone,,   NO PTT..  How did we survive ???  

This was a Classic high range radio,,, and you know it looked pretty too. 
















  Callsign look ups:
Need to find out where someone lives, sending a QSL card ?
 * QRZ.com


 **The University of Arkansas ham lookup
  DX SPOTS & more
 *DX Sherlock Maps - current band conditions 10 6 & 2  meter  
          *DX Summit - http://new.dxsummit.fi/#/  SPOTS
          *DX Watch -  http://www.dxwatch.com/  SPOTS
          *APRS NETWORK DATA Two meter propagation map
YOUR Propagation use the Reverse Beacon Network                  
              this link shows W1AW, to change to your call , just above the list
              see "search spots by callsign" , then to see the map display,,
              on the right top side of the page , click "options" show/hide go down
              just a bit and click show map. Why does this need to be so complex
  These ARRL newsletters are update often !
click the link, pick the latest edition at the top of the list 
  ARRL NEWS  General Ham News.  http://www.arrl.org/arrlletter  
  ARRL Contest Newsletter       http://www.arrl.org/contest-update-issues  
  ARRL   ARES  E-Letter     http://www.arrl.org/ares-el
if your main interest is emergency communications
you should check into
  PV-ARES web.
  ARRL "The Doctors in"      https://www.blubrry.com/arrl_the_doctor_is_in/       The Dr's in Audio podcasts, worth checking out,  a new topic is covered
every 2 weeks,  this link takes you to the topic index 
  Want to find out what's coming in the next few weeks, check here



like Hats, T-shirts, Jackets, etc, available from

Old Town Embroidery, call 234-2679

Anderson Power Poles are available from our club treasure

Here's a video link about the Power Pole connectors   LINK
you do not need a crimper,  several club members will loan theirs
to you or crimp the cables for you at a club meeting
The Club has purchased a quantity of these Anderson Power Pole's. They are available at the meeting for $1.25  a set for the 15, 30 amp varieties & $2.25 for the 45amp units. contact the treasure at the meetings.


To all new hams
We encourage you to at least join the ARRL for one year, 
give it a try,
you will be receive QST magazine which will exposed you to many facets of our hobby.

After a year, If its just not your thing, drop out.
Its simple, but give it a try.

ARRL membership/renewal Link 



Safety is No Accident
Think before you act !
Be Careful, we want you alive !
Here's some surprising  facts about  

make sure you have operating smoke detectors
                               preferably at least one on each floor of your home .
                    More is Better !!

                  THESE DEVICES SAVE LIVES !

   The PARC home page is always under construction, its up-to-date, so     check back often for  News and HAM activities effecting our members      and the hams in Southeast Idaho .    The webmaster makes no promises as to spelling and grammar  !! 

This test Pattern has circles, not ovals, if you see ovals, chances are your windows settings are incorrect for your monitor.

PLUS: if you have a gas furnace , hot water heater,
fireplace insert, anything that uses combustion
you need a CO detector

Pocatello Amateur Radio Club, Pocatello Idaho USA
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