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Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Since 1957,  Amateur Radio in Pocatello

Visitors and prospective new Hams are  ALWAYS WELCOME at PARC functions. !


Pocatello Amateur Radio Club, ham radio, Idaho Ham Radio Repeaters, Idaho amateur radio exams, ham radio exams, Idaho Amateur Radio, ham radio Idaho, ARRL ,
If you need information about our club or
Ham Radio contact any Board Member !

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Mike Vaughn
Kenyon Hart
Dave Turnmire
John Sanderson
Don Marler
John Wilson
Jim Hicks
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John Wilson KIP - Webmaster

Our meetings:  the 2nd Thursday of the month
 7pm sharp, local time, at the
ISU Continuing  Education  Building,
located across the parking lot from City Hall..  

Monthly Breakfast: 9AM, 3rd Saturday of Month

PARC 2 meter FM net,  Sunday evening 147.36  8:00PM

On Facebook, search  @PARC57, join us there ..

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you new guys!
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PARC - community service
Want to join our Club? 

 PARC , PO Box 2722,  Pocatello, Idaho 83206

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In the area just below, you will find the latest news
and information  from PARC, it is updated often..
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Old but not


Another HEADS UP Pocatello area hams
and its not too far from pocatello,  

Swaptoberfest -- Logan . 
It's October 8th.  Doors open at 7 for set up. 
Admission and tables are free
heres the PDF with Details  , check it out.

I have three empty seats in my ASTRO van, and some room for
anything you might want to take to sell..
reserve your seat call john 251-6441
this is a RSVP and BYOB ride service. HI HI
there will be no in-flight entertainment








picture is the new APRS antenna,  ... White vertical


The road to kinport , taking my half anywhere I can get it


PARC Mission Statement:
Our goal for 2016 is simple:
to help each club member, individually, with their specific needs
. We also want to get every member acquainted with some of the exciting possibilities of todays Ham Radio , with a focus on "Elmers" to help you .

New Hams, please, you are welcome at out meetings, if you need help,  come to the meetings and let your needs be known. 

This year our programs are aimed at the newer hams, to expose you to the wild and crazy parts of your hobby.

By attending the meetings you will meet a lot of Old Time Hams most of whom  want to impart all the enjoyment Ham Radio has given them. And tell some war stories in the process.  

What do we need from you   ?
1. attend our meetings, often  
     (They are informative)   
2. attend our other functions 
     (rub shoulders at breakfast, parties, special events)
3. tell us what  questions you have about ham radio,
    and what we can do to "individually" help you. (See note 1.).

Note 1:
Hams are a lot of things but we are not mind readers,
if you dont tell us whats on your mind WE have to guess,
and guessing doesnt always hit the target let alone the bulls eye  !


Pocatello area repeaters!!
All repeaters in Pocatello are open for general use. There are three mountain top
repeaters that over look Pocatello.  2 are PARC radios, one is LDS.  Again all are open.

PARC  147.36mHz Kinport N7PI/r  100hz PL  - repeater & 10 Meter remote
                                                                      codes  010=29.6FM link on --   000=link off.   
PARC  147.06mHz Scout N7PI/r  100hz.PL - 100% Solar Powered          
PARC  APRS -- 144.39mHz  - Digital 
PARC repeater maintenance is paid for with membership dues.

LDS  146.82mHz    100Hz PL

how much memory is TOOO much memory ??

Idaho Repeater's   

ARRL , The doctors In.    a good place to widen your radio knowledge,
its free,  jump down this page to the archive section, you don't need to sign
up to hear the pod casts

http://www.arrl.org/doctor    or  https://www.blubrry.com/arrl_the_doctor_is_in/

Club Activities

Here are the results of the testing Saturday September 10, 2016.
There were three candidates taking tests:  Two (2) of the 
candidates earned their Technician licenses.  The third candidate 
was upgrading to Extra but failed the test.  I want to thank the 
VEs helping with the test.  They were:  John Wilson, KIP, 
Paul Smith,W7EKG, Don Marler, K7ETE, Dave Turnmire N7TZK 
and myself Mike Vaughn, WB7DNU.  The next testing session 
will be November 12, 2016.

Mike Vaughn  WB7DNU


                           Callsign look ups: Need to find out where someone lives, sending a QSL card

                             * * * *The University of Arkansas ham lookup

                                        DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS -                               DX Sherlock Maps - current band conditions 106 & 2  meter  
                              DX Summit - http://new.dxsummit.fi/#/
                              DX Watch -  http://www.dxwatch.com/

                              APRS NETWORK DATA Two meter propagation map

                              *Contest Calendar & Idaho Contest results link 

PARC LOGO GEAR , like Hats, T-shirts, Jackets, etc, available from 
Old Town Embroidery, call 234-2679

The Club has purchased a quantity of these Anderson Power Pole's. They are available at the meeting for $1.25  a set for the 15, 30 amp varieties & $1.50 for the 45amp units. contact the treasure at the meetings.



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Be Careful, we want you alive !
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make sure you have operating smoke detectors
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Pocatello Amateur Radio Club, Pocatello Idaho USA
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