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Pocatello area repeaters!!
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PARC 147.36mHz   N7PI/r    100hz PL  - 6 & 10 Meter remote base
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W1AW in Idaho - by John Wilson KØIP  - please pardon my English and grammar,

Some of the newer hams may have never heard of W1AW, which is a pity.   W1AW is  the flagship call of the ARRL in Newington CT,  
W1AW is usually operated from Newington and provides all kinds of ham related services, like Code (CW) Practice as various speeds,
radio teletype bulletins with news about what's going on in the Ham Radio world. 
I'm going to use this story to do a little advertising for the ARRL, I believe all new hams should join the ARRL !  Join for a year, learn
about our (your) hobby, Get a bigger picture !   Read QST articles and editorials, you will find a big hobby with almost unlimited possibilities.
If after a year you don't feel its worth the investment, drop your membership. But give it a try for one year.    
Join the ARRL Click here

So why was W1AW in Idaho,   this year the call is being activated in  all 50 states to celebrating the ARRL 100th anniversary .
In Idaho a team was assembled to make as many contacts (QSO's) as possible using W1AW during our week in the spotlight. 
Idaho's team leader attempted to recruit stations that participate in contests, and especially the Idaho QSO Party.  During the past several
years  a loosely organized group calling themselves the Idaho Potato Contest Group has racked up very high scores during the IDQP.  The
IPCG  operates from my QTH.  So it was no surprise when I was ask if we could operate on 20 meter SSB, I ask for more 15 and 10 meters.
after some discussions, I was assigned 20 & 15 meters SSB,,  other stations in the state were given RTTY, and CW assignments on those bands.
Two fellows up north, were given 10 Meter SSB  BUT, they were both unavailable during the weekend.  SO our friend KG7E Jim in Mackay
took the 10 M SSB spot for the weekend and decided he would join forces at my QTH for the IDQP..

Lucky for me, I have two towers with BIG antennas,  a 20 meter monoband beam on one, and a tri-band beam
on the other,   BUT to run 3 bands at once we needed another antenna for 10 meters,  the solution was Elborn's tower trailer, and
a 4 element monoband beam for 10 meters.   Several fellows loaned radios for the effort,  I have enough old computers ,  we installed
N1MM contest logging software, networked all the computer,  and we were ready to go!  NO, Almost Ready , I still
needed the most important piece of the system, OPERATORS, and lucky many folks from PARC stepped up and helped, see their pictures
below.  Some made more contacts than others but everyone helped..   it all  worked out,   we made over 8880 contact (QSO's) during
our week. In actual face, it was over 9000 Q's.  One interesting stat,  for one 10 minute period when all three stations
were "scorching the earth"   we worked over 100 stations,  that's in 10 minutes..

I have probably said enough about the operation here in town but not to be left out, PARC member K7CF Mike down in McCammon
was assigned 80 meter SSB & CW.  He made all his contacts single handedly  ,, by himself,  and did a heck of a job at it, over 2462 Q's.

See the pictures below, they tell the story.  

                                                               Living Proof,  Real Hams join clubs
                                 These are PARC members that made the W1AW Idaho operation a success
                                                   you can CLICK any picture below to BLOW it UP !
              Total PARC member QSO's , a staggering  
11342   QSO's,     WOW !  Holly Cow ! ETC !
 the entire state turn out 41,398 Q's so parc members made about 25% of the contacts  
 see the green boxes just below for kØip and k7cf for their station totals



Jim was a PARC member several years ago,  but after making several 200 miles round trips to attend our meetings he decided it was just too much fun and expensive.

Stats for the entire state of idaho

The 20 meter radio, a Icom IC-7600 - Dentron MLA-2500 running about 1KW to a 4 element mono-band beam at 50 Feet.  A BIG SIGNAL


the 10 meter Station was KO7P's Icom 756 pro3 and a collins 30L-1 amp. running about 600 watts to a 4 element beam on Elborns tower/trailer in my front yard. at about 30 feet.  ANOTHER BIG SIGNAL

This picture is actually several years old, I forgot to take his picture this year ..  my mistake.              as they say on TV       "  file photo  "


Please note:  the 15 meter station was an all tube radio, a Collins S-Line made in the 1960's.. 100% made in America !!   We used a MLA-2500 amp until I blew it up , and switched to a LK-500ZA using 2x 3-500Z Eimac tubes running  1KW to a HyGain TH7DXX beam,
another bone crushing signal.


PARC members on the air as W1AW/7  at KØIP's shack

PARC members on the air as W1AW/7  at KØIP's shack


PARC members on the air as W1AW/7
This should say 15 meters SSB



PARC members on the air


             my apology to W7RSK , I forgot to take his picture
                 my apology to W7MFC , I forgot to take his picture



Want the complete Idaho story, heres a link,

I hope you enjoyed the story and the pictures,   John KØIP

These were totals during the IDQP

These were the totals for all but the IDQP
In the front is the 10 meter beam, behind is the 20 meter beam, at KØIP
The TH7DXX isn't visible in this picture
Heres Mike in McCammon with is 80 and 40 meter directional
array. another antenna that generates earth scorching signals

Stats for the entire state of idaho
Stats for the entire state of idaho

 KØIP with a word of wisdom  "Life's Too Short for QRP"

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