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Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Since 1957,  An ARRL affiliated club


Pocatello Amateur Radio Club, ham radio, Idaho Ham Radio Repeaters, Idaho amateur radio exams, ham radio exams, Idaho Amateur Radio, ham radio Idaho, ARRL ,
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Kenyon Hart
Dave Turnmire

Paul Smith
John Wilson
Jim Hicks


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Our meetings:  the 2nd Thursday of the month
 7pm sharp, local time, at the
ISU Continuing  Education  Building,
located across the parking lot from City Hall..  

Monthly Breakfast: 9AM, 3rd Saturday of Month

PARC 2 meter FM net,  Sunday evening 147.36  8:00PM

On Facebook, search  @PARC57, join us there ..


What is Ham Radio
How to become a Ham
SE Idaho Where to take a TEST
Other Ham Clubs close to Poca
New Ham - what do I do now  a must watch
New Hams - Help - Elmer
New Hams - How to fit in
New Ham - Why join a club ?
PARC - community service

 PARC , PO Box 2722,  Pocatello, Idaho 83206

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Radios FOR SALE  by owner
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The Paul Smith Planning Button
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2 Meter Repeaters in Pocatello
PARC - History & Bylaws

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NEW HAMSthis is a must see video,   
This is some of the best , absolutely the best, no nonsense information and advice  I would give to a new ham,  WATCH IT. 
learn a lot in 20 minutes
and to see all the  ASK-  DAVES videos see this


Starting at 9 am,  the Club breakfast , Uncle Jims 
Saturday 21 9 am.


January  21, Saturday: 
This is a schedule change do a conflict at the Pocatello library
Testing for all classes of Ham Licenses,  click button  for details



Paul Says'   I'm Ready are you ?

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Contest Calendar----   21 Jan  
North American QSO party  Click for the rules

    The Transistor,  its 68 years old and PBS did a story about the Bell Labs and the three inventors of the transistor,  and some of the spin offs of that invention , and the trials and tribulations of those three people.
I think its a well worth watching documentary,   its an hour long so make sure your ready to set a spell..   

heads up ,  
frequently things are added and things are sold ....
     on the ""for sale"" page....

Ham Radios FOR SALE  by owner


The PARC 147.06 Scout Mt REPEATER
The sun has not been shining on us ??
The automatic low voltage circuit turned it off
so the batteries don't get totally depleted.
When it will return to service is unknown ??, 
more sun will help.
in the meantime the 147.36 radio is working just fine,




Christmas Party roundup
22 persons attended,  every ham won a voltmeter,  sorry not a Fluke or HP,
 THE BIG WINNER ,,,     KJNI  Joni 
won the ARRL 2017  handbook
mrs WB7DNU and mrs KO7P won the xyl's poinsettia flowers


Heads Up,  Thanks to PARC board member Don K7ETE we are now a
501(c)(3)          Tax exempt club..

PARC is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055,  2106, or 2522.
Organizations exempt  under IRC Section 501 (c) (3) are further classified as either public charities or private foundations. We determined PARC is a public charity under the IRC Sections listed above.

The complete document is a link inside the green PARC -History & Bylaws button.   it looks like this  PARC - History & Bylaws

NEW Hams - something I think you might want to read  !!

Five Common Mistakes New Hams Make

                           Callsign look ups: Need to find out where someone lives, sending a QSL card

                             * * * * *The University of Arkansas ham lookup

                                        DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS - DX SPOTS -                               DX Sherlock Maps - current band conditions 106 & 2  meter  
                              DX Summit - http://new.dxsummit.fi/#/
                              DX Watch -  http://www.dxwatch.com/

                              APRS NETWORK DATA Two meter propagation map


PARC LOGO GEAR , like Hats, T-shirts, Jackets, etc, available fromm 
Old Town Embroidery, call 234-2679

Here's a video link about the Power Pole connectors   LINK
you do not need a crimper,  several club members will loan theirs
to you or crimp the cables for you at a club meeting
The Club has purchased a quantity of these Anderson Power Pole's. They are available at the meeting for $1.25  a set for the 15, 30 amp varieties & $1.50 for the 45amp units. contact the treasure at the meetings.


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make sure you have operating smoke detectors
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Pocatello Amateur Radio Club, Pocatello Idaho USA
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