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 Have a great Thanksgiving!

Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Since 1957,  Amateur Radio in Pocatello

Visitors and prospective new Hams are  ALWAYS WELCOME at PARC functions. !

If you need information about our club or Ham Radio contact any of our Board Members !
see the BLUE Membership Roster button below.

Mike Vaughn WB7DNU President
Ron Edmo KF7JZH Vice President
Dave Turnmire  N7TZK  Secretary/Treasurer
John Wilson KØIP  Recording Secretary
Dick Thomas WA7VKE
Paul Smith  W7EKG
Brian Maynard AC7LI
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   PARC , PO Box 2722,  Pocatello, Idaho 83206

You are invited !
Our meetings:  the 2nd Thursday of the month
 7:30pm local time, at the  "RFC"
Roy F. Christensen building, ISU campus - MAP
unless otherwise noted in the news section below

Monthly Breakfast: 9AM, 3rd Saturday of Month

PARC 2 meter FM net,  Sunday evening 147.06  8:00PM local 

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you new guys!
new hams

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Old but not


 PARC Christmas Party 
Chapala Mexican Restaurant
order off the regular menu ! mixed drinks, beer, wine , coke etc
 we have a private room,

117 W Burnside Ave Chubbuck
DEC 11, 6pm , greet and mingle starts at 5:30pm
lots of raffle prizes, including a 2015 ARRL handbook
a DX394 General coverage Shortwave Receiver,

plus  not one, --- not two --- but
brand new Baofeng UV5R dual band HT's. all programmed for
most repeaters within 60 miles of Pocatello , ready to go.
we will have a
weather station, more golf balls, 
2015 ARRL handbook
plus lots more !!

So, make sure you attend the PARC Christmas Party, and get your raffle tickets. bring change,,


More stuff being added..  stay tuned

raffle tickets, $1 each , 6 for $5,  30 for $20
you must be present to play and win.

DX394 receiver was a donation from Ted N7BNU
Golf balls donated by Bob  KØZIP
ARRL handbook donated by the ARRL Section Manager & the ARRL

  Pocatello area repeaters!!
all repeaters in Pocatello are open for general use.
PARC 147.36mHz   N7PI/r    100hz PL  - 6 & 10 Meter remote base
the 6 meter link is disabled for a while
PARC 147.06mHz  N7DN/r  100hz.PL - 100% Solar Powered
PARC  APRS -- 144.39mHz  - Digital    
146.82mHz    100Hz PL
Idaho Repeater's    

speaking of two meters and HT's
see this: how many G's do we need





Map to Christmas Dinner , with driving suggestions !
          click on the map to enlarge it..

please see the enlarged map, for instructions,   Know where your going..
see this link for other ideas,   like a left on Knudsen Blvd ??




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                             * * *The University of Arkansas

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                              DX Sherlock Maps - current 106 - 2 meter band conditions
                              DX Summit - 160 - 80 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 17 - 15 - 12 - 10 meters
                                   Note: DX SUMMIT:  watch the spot times, unless new spots are coming in,  the info can be days old
GMT time is now

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PARC LOGO GEAR , like Hats, T-shirts, Jackets, etc, available from 
Old Town Embroidery,
call 234-2679 

*Contest Calendar & Idaho Contest results link 

Company Store   Anderson PowerPoles

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Current Space Weather Conditions

SunSpot history for 30 days,
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Today's sunspot

NOAA Scales Activity
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NOAA Scale
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See Space Weather for all sorts of interesting facts..!
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   The PARC home page is always under construction, its up-to-date, so     check back often for  News and HAM activities effecting our members      and the hams in Southeast Idaho .    The webmaster makes no promises as to spelling and grammar  !! 

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Safety is No Accident - think before you act !
   Be Careful, we want you alive !
Some facts about
FIRE  that may surprise you  !

make sure you have operating smoke detectors,
preferably more than one,   on each floor of your home,
if you have a
gas furnace , hot water heater, fireplace insert,
anything that uses combustion
you need a CO detector .
                            ***  These devices  SAVE LIVES ! ***                           make sure you have then and they are operating properly       ===========             If not for you , your kids or grandkids                                                              
installed per manufactures instructions


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