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Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Since 1957,  Amateur Radio in Pocatello

Visitors and prospective new Hams are ALWAYS WELCOME at PARC functions. !

If you need information about our club or Ham Radio contact any of our Board Members !
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Mike Vaughn WB7DNU President
Ron Edmo KF7JZH Vice President
Dave Turnmire  N7TZK Secretary/Treasurer
John Wilson KØIP Recording Secretary
Dick Thomas WA7VKE
Paul Smith  W7EKG
Brian Maynard AC7LI
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Our meetings:  the 2nd Thursday of the month
 7:30pm local time, at the  "RFC"
Roy F. Christensen building, ISU campus - MAP
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PARC 2 meter FM net,  Sunday evening 147.06  8:00PM local 

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The first step in this process is to garner support among members of the US House of Representatives.  Each ARRL member needs to contact their member of the US House to state their support for HR 4969 and to ask their Representative to please sign on as a co-sponsor for the bill.

Write your member of the US House Representatives and ask them to become a co-sponsor for HR 4969.  A sample letter can be found here

 When addressing the letter to your Representative, make certain you have included their name and mailing address in the header. add your full name, callsign, and address to the bottom of the letter, and please make certain you have signed your letter.  Letters that have not been signed have little benefit.

For South East Idaho its Mike Simpson

Rep. Michael Simpson (R-ID)
2312 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

if you are from out of state or the area, click is link

probably the easiest way to get the job done, and it only takes a few minutes, cut and paste the letter below to WORD, or wordpad or even notepad, ADD any personal info you want to include,
Once you have your letter written and signed they can be mailed to ARRL for hand-delivery to your Representative's office.  The mailing address is:

ATTN: Legislative Action Letters
225 Main St
Newington, CT 06111

HERE is a sample letter, just cut and paste

---------------------------cut and paste from here down

Rep. Michael Simpson
2312 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Michael Simpson


            As a constituent and a licensed Amateur Radio operator in your district, I am writing asking that you support HR 4969 – The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014 – and request that you become a co-sponsor for this legislation.


            For over 30 years the FCC and Congress have repeatedly acknowledged the “strong Federal interest” in effective Amateur Radio communications.  The FCC found that municipalities often unreasonably restricted Amateur Radio antennas in residential areas.  In its declaratory ruling now codified at 47 C.F.R. §97.15(b) – the FCC determined that:


             “Except as otherwise provided herein, a station antenna structure may be erected at       heights and dimensions sufficient to accommodate amateur service communications.    (State and local regulation of a station antenna structure must not preclude amateur           service communications. Rather, it must reasonably accommodate such communications and must constitute the minimum practicable regulation to accomplish the state or local   authority's legitimate purpose.”


            HR 4969 will extend limited reasonable accommodation provisions to include all types of land use regulations, including preclusive homeowner’s association regulations and restrictive covenants.  The FCC has jurisdiction to provide these protections when there is a conflict with Federal policy.  This was established when, at Congress’ instructions, it enacted regulations that preempted municipal and private land use regulation over satellite dish antennas and television broadcast receive antennas in residences.


            HR 4969 will provide a basis for radio Amateurs to negotiate reasonable accommodation for at least minimal outdoor Amateur Radio antennas with their homeowners’ association. This legislation is critically important to me and to the hundreds of other federally licensed Amateur Radio operators residing in your district.  Please sign-on as a co-sponsor of HR 4969.




Pocatello area repeaters!!
all repeaters in Pocatello are open for general use.
PARC 147.36mHz   N7PI/r    100hz PL  - 6 & 10 Meter remote base
PARC 147.06mHz  N7DN/r  100hz.PL - 100% Solar Powered
PARC  APRS -- 144.39mHz  - Digital    
146.82mHz    100Hz PL
Idaho Repeater's    

PARC  Repeater UpDate !

OK,  on Friday,  three PARC members ventured the 60 mile journey to the top of Scout Mountain, home of our solar powered 147.060 repeater..  K9GP, AC7LI, KØIP,      K9GP did the tower work!

What was done:
The new antenna was installed, it was made per the ARRL Antenna Book by AC7LI, KØIP. it took almost 9 hours to build, it's almost 15 feet high.
and should have a few dB's of gain,  We Hope !!
The repeater is putting out 7 watts during daylight hours, somewhat less when the sun isn't charging the batteries.  The cavity tuning was checked by KØIP as well as the receiver sensitivity. All appears to be good.
Also a temperature sensor was installed on the batteries to help regulate the charge current. again hopefully extending the battery life by some years*..   We are using an improved charger, hence the slight buzz in the background during daylight hours. we have confidence this charger system will allow the repeater to function all winter.

The 06 repeater should be in prime operation for the upcoming winter.

FYI *, The batteries we are using have a retail cost of almost $950 each, there are two.  Lucky we got a deal and didn't pay that much, but someday these will die,  then what ??  its a tough life for a battery in a un heated, un air-conditioned building at 9000 feet,   Hot and Cold,

This was the second trip this year, its a long bumpy 60 miles.

Next the 36 repeater , needs ?? something ??
stay tuned

click on the picture for a better view..

Our Friends down in Logan also have a
free swap meet
and that's coming up on OCT 11
for details

PARC ARRL Amateur Testing Results Sept 13

 We had 17 people take tests and gave 24 tests.  
Nine (9) people earned their technician license, 
six (6) people earned their general license, 
and two (2) people earned their extra class license.  
We had people from Utah, Malad, Idaho Falls, Inkom and 
Pocatello take their test.  Everyone passed at least 
one test.  We had 6 VE’s helping with the testing, 
The VE’s were:  Craig Nickisch, WØWN, Brian Maynard, AC7LI, 
Dave Turnmire, N7TAK, Elborn Hewett, KA7MLM, 
Paul Smith, W7EKG, and myself WB7DNU.  
I want to thank all the VE’s that helped me, they did a 
great job with a large group.  We processed all of the 
test in 1 hour 50 minutes.

Mike Vaughn  WB7DNU



















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