how to sell Disclaimer
its simple & FREE, please help me present correct information about your radio

 I need a description of your equipment,
 + model numbers ,
 + a list of any defects,
 + accessories that go with it
 + A picture(s)
 + A price  $$ , or offers,
 + CONTACT information, your phone or email

Lets all tell the truth about ur radio's condition.. Perfect means perfect.
Pictures are worth a 1000+ words , so If Possible send a few pictures

please notify me when your item sells so I can remove it from the listing.

Email sales or wants to   k0ip((at))

Please, only Ham related items !   test equipment,  or antique Hi Fi  stuff

you might notice , a lot of this stuff is my own equipment,  I have almost one of everything, if you need parts
or pieces, radios,  contact me with your needs, maybe we can work a deal, 

my personal ham history page is at
I also have several other webs one being for the ARRL in idaho,
one about a surplus radio,  the 618T

If you do sell something and want to give me a little reward , like  1 or 2 percent,  this might keep me in beer
while I edit the HTML to include your listing ,,      contact me  k0ip((a))  and I'll give you directions to use paypal.   If you send something you will be the first, do NOT think its expected, or necessary.

This is a free service for hams in ID UT WY MT to sell their equipment, towers, antennas, ETC.

The publisher of this information , alias KIP, and the clubs that support this page, make NO Claim as to the truth of the description, or operational status, etc.

as they say



Tower Safety:
Safety is No Accident 
think before you act !


Hi this is an attempt to simplify the intermountain* Swap page.   its yellow, for you old timers , the "yellow sheets" was "the" way to sell in the olden days.
This page is limited to equipment in ID, UT, MT, WY.  if you don't live there don't ask for a listing.
FYI: All emails with have  (a) rather than the @ symbol.  Why you ask, it seems stupid, but,   there's web skimmers, machines, who's only job is
to harvest email addresses from web pages,  which are then sold to all sorts of people,  soon your inbox will be filled with trash.  So, to email the seller, 
cut and paste the email address into your email program,  like this xyz(a),  then replace (a) with @,  becoming
its simple, and protects everyone.

Please notice, there is no advertising, no cookies, just ham radio.  its free to list.

the only way to make this thing grow is to tell your friends and club's