Dentron, collins, hallicrafters swan forsale  ham radio cushcraft hy-gain antennas  2 meter beam  open frame power supplies for sale idaho ut mt wy  HDBX-48 TenTec Hercules 444, 450 mhz Corner Reflector,  204BA , military RDO receiver,  MLA-2500,  10-4CD monobander,


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As you OT'ers know,  the "Yellow Sheets" was
"the way" to sell your radios in the olden days,
lets call this a yellow revival from the olden days , HI HI

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I could pass up list this equipment here on the swap page,   it was on KSL for sale listing,   no prices, 

My uncle recently went silent key and the family is selling his equipment. He was in the process of establishing a very impressive system and most of the equipment has only a few hours of use on it. Attached is a list of equipment and some pictures. The family only wishes to work with serious buyers and as such requests if you are interested to note your proposed purchase price for the components you are interested in and return it to the sellers via email at Please also provide your contact info in your email and the seller will contact you to arrange an appointment if the proposed price is desirable. Seller will only respond to buyers who return the purchase price spreadsheet. Please also note that preference will be given to offers that take the rack equipment as shown.

The equipment list can be viewed at: Radio Equipment - Purchase Pricing Spreadsheet.xlsx

Arrow Antenna 146/437-10WBP Satellite Antenna with duplexer and bag
Drake L-4B Linear Amplifier, 2000PEP SSB, 1000W CW
-Drake L-4 Power Supply
Boom MIC
Buddipole™ Deluxe Package
Comet CAA-500 MarkII
DX Engineering UT-KIT4 Complete Coax Cable Tool Kits
DX Engineering AVA-2 Active Receive Antenna Matching Units DXE-ARV2-AC
DX Engineering NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing Systems
DX Engineering DXE-SSGC-2P - DX Engineering Genius Clamps
Elecraft Directional Coupler DCHF-2000
Elecraft Directional Coupler DCV/U-200
Elecraft K3S
Elecraft KAT500 High-Power Auto-Tuner & Smart Antenna Switch
Elecraft KPA1500
Elecraft KX2
Elecraft KXPA100 Amplifier
Elecraft P3 Panadapter
Elecraft W2 Wattmeter
EIMAC 3-500Z triode
Heil DT-1 Desk Mount
Heil FS-2 Foot Switch
Heil HBA Bluetooth Adapter
Heil RS-1 Riser
Heil WM-1 Wall Mount
ICOM IC-7100
-ICOM AH-4 Antenna Tuner
-ICOM HM-151
ICOM IC-7600
LNR Precision End Fedz EF-20
LNR Precision Loop Antenna with Controller
MFJ-890 DX Beacon Monitor
MFJ-945E Mobile HF Antenna Tuner
MFJ-1142 DC Line RFI Filter
MFJ-1126 Power Distribution DC OUTLETS, 8 ANDERSON PL
MFJ-204B Antenna Bridge
MFJ-264 DUMMY LOAD, 1.5 KW, 1-650 MHZ, SO-239, DRY
MFJ-269C HF/VHF/220MHZ/UHF,.530-230,415-470MHZ,SWR ANALYZER
MFJ-4275 MV SWITCH PS, 75A, 13.6V ADJ, MTR, PP, BP, 110-220VAC
Mr. DJ PSC109 8 Port Power Switch
My Antennas EFLW-1.5K Antenna
My Antennas MEF-330-2K MEF-330-2K Multiband EFHW Antenna Transformer, Covers 3-30Mhz / 2kW-max.
My Antennas MY-DP-160M-3K
Novexcom QSL Carousel
Novexcom Speaker
Powererx SPS-30DM Power Supply
Powererx SS-30DV Power Supply
Powerwerx PD-75 75A Input 4 Position Distribution Block for 15/30/45A Powerpole Connectors
Powerwerx Precision Watt Meter and Power Analyzer
Rigblaster NOMIC
RIGrunner 4005
StarTek USB to 8-port serial
SteppIR BigIR Antenna with 80M coil kit with SDA 100 controller
SteppIR CrankIR Antenna
TC-VU50 140-150/430-440MHz VHF/UHF Dual Band Handheld Two Way Radio Power Amplifier 50W Output for Portable Walkie Talkie
Tram 1191 Antenna
W2IHY 8-Band Audio Equalizer and Noise Gate
W2IHY Iplus Audio Switch
W2INY 1x4 Antenna Switch
W2INY 3x4 Antenna Switch
Yaesu FT-736R
Yaesu G-5500 AZEL Controller

A-4S cushcraft  triband  4 element beam for 10-15-20 meters, 

sells new for over $700
will take $250,  in excellent condition,  
contact Ray WA7ITX  at  RAY FRIESS <rayfrijr((at))>

Ogden, UT
Ameritron AL-811H  800 Watt amplifier.  $500.

Ameritron AL-1500
sells New for $4700, sell for $2000.

Contact Scott
Lost Information  WHO owns these Items , contact the webmaster,
Ameritron AL-811  asking $600
MFJ Low pass filter  asking $60 or free when you by Al-811 (not pictured) 
Ameritron in-rush current asking or free when you by Al-811 $
Yaesu G-800DXA needs new cable $300

All items are in good working condition. Best contact information you can email me Ka7bif((at)) or text only 208-731-6420

I am looking for the separation kit or at least the cable. OPC-1444 or OPC-1443.  These work on an ICOM 7000.
I will consider a broken cable. IF you happen to know the connector numbers that would be great also. I would consider making my own cable.

Please email or call with any help...Thank you, Steve WB9WIA stevo3556(at)
Eagle Idaho

For Sale: Alpha 99 HF Amplifier

Full legal limit amplifier with the two original Svetlana 4CX800/GU74b ceramic-metal tetrodes (tubes). Hipersil power transformer. Operates on all amateur bands 160 MHz-10MHz. 50 to 55 watts will drive from HF rig will drive the amp to full power.  I am the original owner. The amp has been used very little and then in a clean environment and is in excellent condition. Operates as designed. I have the original manuals, factory paperwork, factory tuning chart, and the factory packing materials (cartons and blocking). Please note that the shipping plus insurance can be very expensive  I am in the Boise, Idaho area and am willing to meet the buyer within a reasonable distance from Boise.......recommended option. Shipping only to CONUS. Certified funds only, no Pay-Pal. Price is US$2395 plus shipping. Reach me by email <medmoored((at))>. Thanks for looking. 73, Rufus KC4AFT, Eagle, Idaho.

Yaesu FT-890AT HF rig with built in ATU-2 tuner & matching FP-800 P/S (with internal speaker). Equipment will ship in original factory cartons with contoured styrofoam blocking.

Package includes power cords, fused interconnecting cables, Yaesu MH-1B8 hand microphone, original manuals plus the original advertising flyer. Package also includes the Heil ProSet 4 headset & boom microphone with HC-4 element (great for pileups and contesting) along with the Yaesu AD-1-Y compatible adapter pigtail to connect headset to XCVR as well the FS-3 foot operated mic switch. Last but not least is a Bencher BY-1, black base, iambic paddle keyer.

All equipment gently used in a clean environment. All equipment operates as designed and is in excellent condition. This is a PACKAGE DEAL. Please no returns. $675 plus shipping and insurance (CONUS only). Certified funds only, No pay-pal. Reach me by email <medmoored((at))>.  73, Rufus, KC4AFT, Eagle, Idaho. 
MFJ-989C Versa Tuner V roller inductor tuner with MFJ-1312P 12 V power supply
for back lighting the meter and original manual. 3KW PEP in and 1.5KW output. Like new
condition. Used very little in a clean environment.  $190, certified funds only, no pay-pal.
Shipping to CONUS only. Reach me by email <medmoored((at))>.
Thanks for looking. 73, Rufus, KC4AFT, Eagle, Idaho 
Idaho Falls area,, Ammon
Roof top tripod mast holder with short mast (used). Good condition. $25.00
Diamond VHF/UHF Base Antenna (used). Good condition. $50.00
Bob N7MZI Ammon, ID 208-419-8909

eMAIL  for any of these items, POCATELLO  
Heathkit antenna switch,   one left $35          estate property
shop power supply   $40            estate property
AS NEW, factory box  $99  again AS NEW, 
these sell for $212 new, bencher Iambic BY-2 Chrome
For more pictures see this link

with all filters (5 each) like new

$20   real USA solder                estate property
KWM-2A with PM-2, microphone, excellent  $1500
come over and test it,  Plug it in and talk,   EMP proof, all tube,
yaesu FT980 with narrow CW filter,  built in 120VAC power
supply with mike. ready to run   $450    estate property
  estate property          $100  signalcrafter computing wattmeter, HF,
$100 B&W antenna tuner, HF,   estate property
$45   estate property, 13.8V  20Amp   PS-21k

Dentron MLA2500 with new capacitor bank, works good runs about 1200 watts , cool, Excellent condition, will demo,  $500 $50 for either one,    take your pick
CushCraft R-5 vertical  
covers 10-12-15-17-20 , complete like new, pickup in Pocatello
can demo,  its been stored inside.. bright and shinny..
 $100  ready to install in your back yard...  this is a bargain, 
SWAN CYGNET SSB 5 band radio, all tube, with mike , AC.
Works good... $250.00        turn it on and talk,,    no power supply needed
$45  estate property   adjustable voltage, EP2010
need some DC power cable,  lets talk price,    I have two sizes of this wire
estate property
$5 book  estate property

you know Holly S...    I have jumpers,      why do I need a jumper
to go between my rig and the antenna tuner,  or amplifier, or low pass filter >
I'VE   got jumpers,  most are PL-259's some with N connectors,   $ 5 each,  might
negotiate..    208 251 6441   more pics   link 1 link 2  link3

Ham Shack computers,  CHEAP  yes its used,  but a powerful windows 10 machine
here is a computer, complete keyboard, mouse   1 Tb  hard drive, 4 GB ram,  brand new build, Windows 10, 
the only thing I added is microsoft office, includes Word, Excel, etc..
like new,  works perfect,      THIS IS WINDOWS 10 PRO..   This is not junk, a new load (win10) ,  registered , ready for you,  Now turn on you thinking caps, this is a  giveaway,  you get the entire thing,  computer ,   brand new Win 10  , monitor, keyboard, mouse,   cords,     click the pictures for a bigger view !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

john 208 251 6441   one tenth the cost of new !!!!!!!!   really ,,,   $75   total,  yes cheap, come and get it ,,,

Ham Shack computers,  CHEAP  yes its used,  but a powerful windows 10 machine
here is a computer, complete keyboard, mouse   6 GB ram,  brand new build, Windows 10 pro
like new,  works perfect,      THIS IS WINDOWS 10 PRO..   This is not junk, a new load (win10) ,  registered , ready for you, 

john 208 251 6441   one tenth the cost of new !!!!!!!!   really ,,,   $75   total,  yes cheap, come and get it ,,,
click the pics to make them bigger


COAX   why buy new and pay a lot for postage , get it in Pocatello for way less money, all guaranteed to be perfect.
I have sold hundreds of feet of this coax,  Still have lots ,    get it cheap while the supply lasts,    Think ahead, what will you need in the future ??

Estate property : help the xyl... I have brand new Carol-Columbia  RG-58/U  for 10 cents a foot.  ALL GONE , too late,   only maybe 50 to 75 feet left,,, HURRY,,,,

Estate property: help the xyl...   I have hundreds of feet of RG8 Intercomp Bury Flex by Davis , its used , like new. can supply up to 185' lengths , 
or will cut to your length,   50 cents a foot..   link info   this is half price, and you won't pay a fortune for shipping if you pick it up,,

property of k0ip:  I have hundreds of feet of RG-11 75ohm  NEW  (military) 50 cents a foot.. works well for dipoles,  and  phasing harnesses on 4x4 arrays  ??

Estate property: help the xyl... I have about 400 feet of Cable Experts, new on the spool,  RG-8  (9913) flex direct bury, $1.00 a foot (new you pay $1.25 plus shipping) see first item on this list

I can put ""new"" solder on Amphenol connectors on your custom cable for  $6 for each end,  .

Guys, this is a bargain,      k0ip  208-251-6441  wa0dyu(at)

IN SLC         

HyGain 18HT  High Tower 80-10 meter  offers
contact via email for all of these items  LEWIS   scubafanatic1(a)  IN SLC

contact via email for all of these items  LEWIS  

possible ??? 10 meter beam ,  11 meters ??
free if you rent a ,  boom or bucket truck and take it down safely

STUFF of all kinds,   do you need parts, connectors, resistors , capacitors, insulators, PARTS AND MORE PARTS
contact John 251-6441...... Really,  I have one of everything..  ask any one thats been in my basement .. at least one of everything,   

Wire, antenna wire,  radial wires,  this wire that wire, I have hundreds of kinds of wire. if your making an antenna,  I will give you the wire.
need microphone cable , got that too.  twisted pair, got that too. 

boxes of  CAT-5 Ethernet cable.   plus the connectors and tools to make your custom cables,

don't be SHY,  call me, lets make a deal we will both be happy with,  
 If you've every been in my basement, and garage you know that I'm not lying ,  I've GOT STUFF.       



Pocatello    ANTENNAS - - 
  phone  208 251 6441      wa0dyu(at)

Hy-Gain  Long John  LJ- 204BA with  BN-86 Balum   SOLD
Cushcraft skywalker 10-4CD 4 element 10 meter monobander   $100
Cushcraft skywalker 10-3CD  3 element 10 meter monobander    SOLD
Cushcraft                  A50-5    5 element 6 meter      SOLD
Cushcraft                   11 element 220mhz beam  $21
Cushcraft                    satellite antenna $25  2 meters,   does circular
                                I have many 2 meter beams,  alll CHEAP..  $1 an element,     many with 8 elements.   All SOLD
Cushcraft R-5 Vertical  10-20meters,  $100

Cushcraft  2 m  RINGO RANGER +,    $25    this is the ranger with the added element.SOLD
Hustler 4 band vertical ,  in excellent condition,    Hustler 4-BTV      SOLD

several HyGain Verticals,  like 14 AVQ..    working, however be a bit of a project  $  5     thats   five dollars.
I have some stacked folded dipole's    (two stacked) 2 meter   $50 for your repeater,    some single folded dipoles,  nice base antennas   $10

I have miles of copper wire for dipoles,  insulators, etc,  and 55 years of ham know-how,  
free if you show up and want to make a dipole.
however,  BullS will cost $25 an hour.. Billed in advance  !!!!    


Pocatello WW2 Military  WW2 RDO receiver and 3 extra tuning heads, tested and in good working order,  
THIS INCLUDES, the receiver, all the military plugs for the power & audio.. THE COMPLETE MILITARY BOOK, and all 4 plugins. $225.
modules include the one show in the radio  38 to 1000 MHz,,     plus TN3b 300 to 1000 mhz, TN1b 40 to 90 mhz, & TN54B 2150 to 4000 MHZ
You get it all, will NOT ship, its too heavy,  I would consider a donation to any group rebuilding a ship.  k0ip((a))
one more picture  at  Pic3

Pocatello  Hallicrafters  TTY exciter  0-5B/fr  $50 with book k0ip((a))
2m. Corner Reflector , commercial grade  $55, lets talk!     k0ip((a))

powersupplies,    ,   john Pocatello k0ip 2082516441 wa0dyu(at)
lots of these 12 V supplies are great for running  your HAM radios equipment,  you don't need a 20amp supply to run a 10 watt 2 meter rig, etc 
a 3 amp supply at 12 V makes 36 Watts, which will easily power a 10 watt mobile. or charge batteries,
bring your radio over and we can give it a test ,   
I have many more supplies I haven't had time to list, 
  call me 208-251-6441

adjustable to 13.8 VDC   10 amps  $10
28V 100ma
lots of different voltages  $10

5V,   12amps             $5
24VDC 500ma
24VDC 1.5amp $5
15 VCD  10 amp    adjusts to 13.8 for ham equipment   $10
24VDC   2.4amps

24VDC 4 amps   $5

12Vdc   3.4amp    $5
I use one of these to float my emergency battery bank
24VDC   2.5Amps  $5

2 times 12V at 1.5Amps      $5
 and      5V at 6 amps
Acopian VTD12-250 Gold Box ±12 VDC 2.5A Dual Tracking DC Power Supply $5
Acopian VTD12-250 Gold Box ±12 VDC 2.5A Dual Tracking DC Power Supply  $5
5VDC 7amps
-5VDC   1/2 amp
12VDC 2.5A
-12VDC  .7a             $5


15V at 4.5Amp, can be adjusted for 13.8vdc  $5
34V DC 1.5A regulated  $5
Acopian VTD12-250 Gold Box ±12 VDC 2.5A Dual Tracking DC Power Supply  $5


Below is just some of the stuff  that sold !!!!
 things sell all the time  ,,,  get your club on board
 heathkit SW receiver,  SOLD  

heathkit SB-1000 amp  SOLD
CushCraft  R 7  vertical  SOLD
13.8VDC  2.5A 
sold sold  
13.8vdc   3a ampSold Hy-Gain  Long John  LJ- 204BA with  BN-86 Balum   SOLD
Cushcraft skywalker 10-3CD  3 element 10 meter monobander    SOLD
Cushcraft  A50-5    5 element 6 meter      SOLD
Cushcraft       11 element 220mhz beam  SOLD 

I have many 2 meter beams,  alll CHEAP..  $1 an element,     many with 8 elements.   All SOLD

Cushcraft  2 m  RINGO RANGER +,    $25    this is the ranger with the added element.SOLD
Hustler 4 band vertical ,  in excellent condition,    Hustler 4-BTV      SOLD
SWAN          Sold
13.8VDC  2.5A         Sold       I have two of these 

For Sale:
Alpha 8406 – 1500 watt 6 meter amplifier. 



Sold Sold
Sold Sold


Icom 701 SOLD SOLD sold