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As you OT'ers know,  the "Yellow Sheets" was
"the way" to sell your radios in the olden days,
lets call this a yellow revival from the olden days , HI HI




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Schulman Auction, Kansas City, MO
I personally know Schulman,   WOW does he get great prices for
his sellers,  but the equipment is tested (a bit) and most is like new, I know that Schulman isn't trying to 'rip' anyone off.
see this link

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Saturday  April 1,, in boise area

I have two receivers and one Cabelas shelter available for sale or trade located in Nampa
Collins R-390A/URR with enclosure circa 1953.  Cosmetically very good, untested with 3 binders of repo manuals and tech articles.  Sold as is $600
Hallicrafters S-85, cosmetically very good, untested.  Sold as is $85
Cabelas 10x14 shelter with 8 poles, very good condition, two-man set up, perfect for field, day, camping.  Includes GI duffel bag  $135 (no pic)
Willing to trade for LMR 600 or similar, 2m and 6m Yagis, 220mhz mobile, Rohn or EZ Up telescoping masts, VHF contesting equipment.  Pls no ChiCom electronics
If not sold/traded you can see them at the 1 April Southwest Idaho ARC swap meet in Meridian ID
Email            bigwindypeak((at))
Thx and 7s  Scott W7IMC
FT-990  SOLD

North Logan
I have the following receivers for sale, pickup only, in North Logan, Utah.

Prices are firm. I will consider swap or price reductions for National SW-3 broadcast band coil sets.

If you want pictures email and I'll send some to you.

National HRO 60 with A, B, C, D, and E coils. I received this radio with no power transformer. I installed a Hammond
unit and re-capped it. It plays fine. I don't have the dial scales to go with each coil, however. No speaker is included.

National HRO-7 with a E coil. This too has been re-capped and was a daily driver for a year or so. No speaker is
included. I do have a power supply somewhere for it. If I find more coils, I'll include them. I just don't remember what I acquired for it.

Hammarlund Comet with a few coil sets. It is as found, from a friends fathers estate. I already have two, so I don't
need it, or want to restore it.


Hammerlund Super Pro SP-400 with power supply, I recapped the power supply a few years ago. Radio plays fine but should be gone through.
Paper capacitors replaced, etc. It's heavy. I can't lift it any more. $300.00

Heathkit Apache TX-1 transmitter. Excellent cosmetic condition. I've never powered it up. I will NOT ship it.
I will get it to the BARC Swaptoberfest in October if someone wants to pick it up there. Price is $150 dollars.

Wally Gibbons, AF7FH
North Logan, Utah,   Wally Gibbons <>
Placerville, ID

1.  50 ft. Rohn 45G tower.... tower has sold,,,

2.  Bencher Skyhawk 3 x 10 10-15-20 meter beam antenna
3. 5-el. 6 meter beam (Hy-Gain I think)
4.  11-el. 2 meter beam (Cushcraft)
5.  2-section VHF corner reflector antenna
Asking $1,000 for the tower and $500 for antennas

Rick Barber, W7OLA (208) 392-9437  red.mist.222((AT))



Yaesu FT-8900                10 - 6 - 2 - .70  meters 
Quad band transceiver plus Separation kit

Used mobile but well taken care of and no signs of wear. No scratches or blemishes on head unit. It has been MARS modified. The Mic is new and has not been used. $350.00.

Radio and new mounting bracket
New MH-41 Microphone
New Microphone Clip
YSF-8900 Remote head mounting bracket
YSF-8900 Remote Cable
Power cable

No original box or manual






Pocatello ,  Heavy duty,,    G5RV 80 -6 meter dipole $60,,  
OK, estate property,,,
WA2NAN True-Talk ii G5RV 80 to 6 meters its 102 feet long, with 31feet of ladder line and 70 feet of coax to get to your shack.

EHAM'S # ONE RATED 102' G5RV by TrueTalk


cant go wrong, lots of coax to get into your radio shack,   heavy duty,, 


Pullman, WA 99163
Items for sale: yaesu 450D like new, less than a hour talk time on it. In the box. Asking $700

WJ6FOX<  j1776f(((at)))  >        


McCammon, ID  

K7CF, cleaning house   see this link   ,  lots of pictures,   Webmasters note:  I will try to get them better organized  when I get a bit of time
contact mike at    activist47((at))



Pocatello   TOO MANY PICTURES for this home page  see this link

Antenna  (HyGain TH6-DXX)  + a  Alpha Delta dipole  & coax $100
Rotor ( Ham 3)  $300
Icom 7300 $1,000   Includes  Astron Power supply
Icom 751a $600 **  includes Icom PS-15 supply
Icom 2KL $1,000 **  includes HI Power power supply 
Icom AT 500 $350 **

Icom 27A $50
Icom W2A and Charger $200  older model with newer batteries, it's  easy to program,  2m/450mhz
Heil Head set $100  or $65 with a radio
WM 1 Meter $100
MJF Tuner $50
Box of Miscellaneous Accessories ??
 If you are interested in a package deal Ė letís talk about a realistic number
lets talk, taking reasonable offers on separate items    Email  Don  K7ETE at   K7ETE Don <dmarlerlaw(at)>

Note: (**) These pieces of Icom equipment were checked, and repaired if necessary, by Scott Malcom
in Washington and have not been used since he returned them to me. Some of them, like the IC751a,
have not had the Malcom shipping box opened on return. I am sure he has records of his work
for each piece of equipment as I shipped  them to him individually.

Heres a few follow the link above for many more

A-4S cushcraft  triband  4 element beam for 10-15-20 meters, 

sells new for over $700
will take $250,  in excellent condition,  
contact Ray WA7ITX  at  RAY FRIESS <rayfrijr((at))>

eMAIL  for any of these items, POCATELLO
this is mostly estate property, all tested by me k0ip..   or 208-251-6441
wa0dyu@GMAIL.COM   thats a Zero  wa Zero dyu
16 foot antenna supports ,   fiberglass,  pull apart in the middle
$8..   I have 8 of these

Hy-Gain  TH5DXX  20-15-10 meter beam,  with  BN-86 Balum $300        the balum is $99 from hy-gain,  all in excellent condition     SOLD

Hy-Gain TH7DXX 20-15-10 meter beam,  with  BN-86 Balum $300   these things are $1000 new ,

Hey Technicians,  10 meters is getting hot,  Cushcraft skywalker 10-4CD 4 element 10 meter monobander   $100

Several 2 meter beams,   need to get out in the snow and figure what I have ,, 

a 220Mhz beam  again Snow slowing me down, $25

I've got more parts and elements for 2 meter   11 element cushcraft beams,  cheap   may require a
IQ over 50 to put them back together,  but cheap  $10

I have some stacked folded dipole's    (two stacked) 2 meter   $50 for your repeater,    some single folded dipoles,  nice base antennas   $5

HY-Gain  TH6DXX  20-15-10 meter beam,  with  BN-86 Balum $150

Hy-Gain    66DX   6 element 6 meter beam $75

Need NEW coax ,,, See Below   COAX

the complete rack  home brew transmitter, with RF deck sporting

4each   4-125A tubes, want more pictures, email me,  
$200,,   you get it all   Ive got more pictures  make an offer


 k0ip  used computer sales,  all guaranteed, No Junk ,   

Click this link ,,,   many laptops ,  desk top computers,  and some all in ones.

Laser Printers,  cheap,     all with new windows 10 loaded, 

this is a work in progress,    give me time ,,   click here to see the computer page

SWAN CYGNET SSB 5 band radio, all tube, with mike , AC.
Works good... $200.00        turn it on and talk,,    no power supply needed
For more pictures see this link

with all filters  like new

TWO books    History of QST, This is from an estate, I already have these
in my collection,  I don't need two sets  of them  SO......
these two books  at the ARRL are $40  cash sale $20 from me.
I can ship media mail, (cheap) , you pay the freight,
or pickup at my house,   THEY ARE Perfect condition, like new.
208 251 6441

KWM-2A , excellent AS NEW  $1500
come over and test it,  Plug it in and talk,   EMP proof, all tube radio
With PM-2 power supply and collins microphone,  in use at my house now,
want the best in tube radios , this is it,,


need Coax,,  see coax below,  lots of great estate coax is residing in my garage, looking for a good home

need antenna wire,  see  wire below,  lots of wire, 

building an antenna see wire,          

please don't drink the LMR-400 Kool-Aid,  its mostly BS and expensive!!!!!!!!!!!






COAX   why buy new and pay a lot for postage , get it in Pocatello for way less money, all guaranteed to be perfect.
I have sold hundreds of feet of this coax,      get it cheap while the supply lasts,    Think ahead, what will you need in the future ??

I have hundreds of feet of RG-11 75ohm  NEW  (military) 50 cents a foot.. works well for dipoles,  and  phasing harnesses on 4x4 arrays  ??

Estate property: help the xyl... I have about 600 feet of   TOOOO late its all sold at a bargain price

Guys, this is a bargain,      k0ip  208-251-6441  wa0dyu(at)



STUFF of all kinds,   do you need parts, connectors, resistors , capacitors, insulators, PARTS AND MORE PARTS
contact John 251-6441...... Really,  I have one of everything..  ask anyone thats been in my basement .. at least one of everything,   

Wire, antenna wire,  radial wires,  this wire that wire, I have hundreds of kinds of wire. if your making an antenna,  I will give you the wire.
need microphone cable , got that too.  twisted pair, got that too. 

boxes of  CAT-5 Ethernet cable.   plus the connectors and tools to make your custom cables,

RF adapters,  BNC, N, Pl259, etc etc etc   call me,, pickup only

don't be SHY,  call me, lets make a deal we will both be happy with,  
 If you've every been in my basement, and garage you know that I'm not lying ,  I've GOT STUFF.       


I have miles of copper wire for dipoles,  insulators, etc,  and 59+  years of ham know-how,  
free if you show up and want to make a dipole.   some really nice stranded , insulated  wire, hard to see,