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Tonight, a person asked "Why should I join a radio club like the PARC?
What are the benefits of membership in a amateur radio club? The answers may surprise you.

The key benefit of joining an amateur radio club is to mingle with other people who have
the same interests and have a good time exchanging information and experiences relating
to amateur radio. And, it's not only amateur radio, per se, but also an open door to many
related and non related activities.

Keep in mind that the greatest benefit of joining an amateur radio club is Personal contact with
other folks with your same interests, Secondly is ready access to experienced technical information,
references and learning experiences. The more you pursue and interact, the more you get out
of your membership. And that translates to a chance to nurture and grow your knowledge and
radio horizon.

where else could you find:  HF guys, satellite stalkers , APRS trackers , repeater hackers, weak signal VHF types,
QRP guys. Those who've rolled their own radios, feed line and antenna's, & those who seemed to have bought
just about every radio ever made. CW guys, Contest nuts. and more. 
Now the $64 question ? what's it called... a CLUB..

Among them were teachers, RF and wireline communications technicians,  executives,
computer and networking specialists,  nature enthusiasts,  financial experts, pigeon racers
and university professor. Taping that mix of professions, you would think we could solve the
world's problems (probably not !)  But answering a few Ham radio related problems is within reach..

There are chances to try out and expand your radio horizons at the gatherings. Field Day
is an excellent time to pitch in and build an HF station from scratch in the field, where one
must improvise and leverage every advantage from the terrain. Helping at the repeater sites.

There are other benefits, such as the newsletter, repeater systems and  public service
events that round out the offering.