147.360mHz N7PI /R repeater - Kinport
& the APRS digi-peater on 144.39 

Link  on = 010  on your touchtone pad, this code turns on the 10 meter link as well as normal 2 meter repeater functions
000=link off , two meter repeater function only
there is no way to turn the 2 meters off.

PARC owns and operates two 2 meter FM voice repeaters,  Kinport and Scout Mt.
As well as an APRS repeater.

The 3 PARC repeaters are paid for and maintained  with DUES.. so if you are a regular user of our equipment,
you might consider joining our club.  Just a thought..?

Mt. Kinport  located 6 miles SW of the I-15 Center Street Exit (69) at 7200 feet.
It operates on 147.360 +600kHz offset  ... 100Hz Pl required

This repeater has a 10 meter FM Link on 29.600mhz

LINK Information.  please understand,  29.600mHz is 10 meters.. This is the FM Calling frequencies.
10 meters does have world wide propagation (at times),  so if your setting around, with nothing to do
turn the link on and see what's coming in.  

How to tell which band a signal is on
if  the link is on
a station on 10 meters will cause,  at the end of his transmission  a Hi & Low Beep,  "like" a  BEEP BOOP sound..
a 2 meter station will cause a single beep when the timer resets.


    When a Link is on, any traffic or QSO occuring on 2 meters is transmitted on 10 meters as well as two meters
    if someone out there in "radio land"  hears you, you'll probably have breaking station wanting to take advantage of the propagation.   


010 turns 10 meters,

000 turns OFF
10m turns

other test codes

123  tests your audio. 
Press 123, unkey your radio, repeater says "ready", Key your radio and make a test transmission, when you unkey it will be play back.

Several items about the 147.36 repeater .

AUTO UN - LINK, be advised.
When you press 000 it will turn off the 10 meter link
or if you just leave the link on
it will automatically unlink after approximately 4 hours,
No warning, it just happens.....  it could be in the middle of your QSO,
this timer can be reset any time by pressing 010 .