PARC   147.060mHz   +600kHz Offset, 100Hz PL .      Click here for 147.360  
for more pictures 2008 work party  or  install 2002

Located 14 miles south of the intersection of I-15 and E. Center street,  Exit  (69)

It is open to all users,  It is solar powered.  It has NO  function other than a basic voice repeater.

Please  :    Help conserve battery power,  if possible,
especially in the winter months, use simplex ..or .36
if your not in simplex  range, feel free to use the repeater.


It is a GE Master Executive II   antenna loops visible on the right side of tower




Homebrewed  Talking controller, QST  project    Feb 1997 issue (?)                  Cavities and charge old controller inside shelter.

New Panels installed Aug 2008 . double the solar charging  power !