PARC   147.060mHz   +600kHz Offset, 100Hz PL .      Click here for 147.360  
for more pictures 2008 work party  or  install 2002

Located 14 miles south of the intersection of I-15 and E. Center street,  Exit  (69)

It is open to all users,  It is solar powered.  It has NO  function other than a basic voice repeater.

Please  :    Help conserve battery power,  if possible,
especially in the winter months, use simplex ..or .36
if your not in simplex  range, feel free to use the repeater.


It is a GE Master Executive II   




Homebrewed  Talking controller, QST  project    Feb 1997 issue (?)                  Cavities and charge controller inside shelter.

New Panels installed Aug 2008 . double the solar charging  power !