Breaking news,  you need to know
our club meet location is NOT    repeat     NOT at  the RFC building,        

we are now at the T and T,       Trade and Technology Building,     A great location, still lots of parking,  the room is great,
and we have windows to run coax through  , so we can put up temporary outside antennas for demonstrations..

How to get there:  you can go in the same parking lot in front of the RFC,  however go to the south end of the lot, make a RIGHT
now ur going west (+/-) through the parking lot parallel to MLKjr street..  go to the end of the lot, 
the T&T  is the last building ,,      The YELLOW line shows directions, or click for a bigger look ..

we are in room 316  thats on the ground floor , windows facing MLKjr.   which door,  hopefully two, one at the front of the building on MLKjr
and possibly the one at the east end of  the T&T..  either way is equal,  hopefully they will both be open .

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