I use LoTW, all contacts made from my home QTH  get logged, 
            I have uploaded to sights like Club Log,   QRZ,com ,  QRZCQ.com, 
            I seldom upload to site's other than LoTW.
            not eqsl, screw those fools,  their just trying to cash in ..

I use LoTW, 
I QSL Direct when you send a green stamps, or SASE. (see below). 
I QSL via the BURO. 
I will QSL in person if you come to my QTH,      Bring Beer . be prepared to spend some time.. Hi Hi

a word about SASE 

Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

Hey, this topic  gets some folk's blood boiling !
Here's my take..
I live in a semi RARE place, Idaho,
I live in a semi RARE Grid, DN32.

yes, I could afford to stick a stamp on every QSL  I receive,
when I need a new grid, or state, or whatever,, 
I always send an SASE,

So I expect you to send me an SASE too.

It just makes the process  easier,  fewer mistakes
in addressing, and takes less time.
I Return 100% with SASE's or Buro cards..
And I return them FAST , usually the NEXT day,

I also use ARRL  LoTW

 so: Send SASE's to everyone

when I hit the Loto I'll change my story, until then SASE Pls








Slower than slow !  and it's not free.

Please,  only send me a QSL via the Buro
if you
REALLY  need or want my card.

Japan Stations  
I appreciate our contact on the radio ,
I have stacks of JA cards and really don't
need any more.

If I get your card , you will get a return QSL.

however,,,,,,   !!!!
if you don't need my card ,
don't send one to me. 

I try to send cards to the outgoing buro every 6 month or so.

Thanks for working me and have fun on the radio

73 john  k0ip








OK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you don't like SASE's, 
THINK LoTW from the ARRL,
My take on awards.
Sooner or Later everyone and his brother will be issuing all sorts of awards,   you know Eqsl, QRZ.com,  Dirty Harry's CB shop, etc and the list will just grow and grow. as long as money is involved.  
none of these ""made up"" awards mater,
their as useless as used toilet paper
you new guys get some savvy,
only the ARRL and a few CQ award count for
more that shit,
yes I know CQ  uses some  Eqsl functions ....
The "real thing" in awards come from the ARRL. 

why send green stamp after green stamp , or SASE's when LoTW does the job for the awards that maters.

once you get over the learning curve you will love it ..   Note: the learning curve is a bit frustrating.. 
I  think they have improved the software,
so maybe it's become easier to install ??

good dx and grid hunting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all my home qth contacts are uploaded to LoTW !   sorry, I don't keep a mobile Log .