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Wanted  any military radios,  mostly interested in WW2 equipment, however any vintage is great ..
This old stuff is lurking in many basements, and garages ,  setting there waiting to spring back to life,
to spark some young persons interest in Radio or History.

Hi I'm KIP, I've been licensed for a long time, and back when I was in high school, I was in MARS.
In the olden days MARS give members tons of old radios, I got my share, and fell in love with this old
equipment. Sorry to say in 1974 when I got out of the USAF, I went home to my parents house,  and sold
(a bad decision) most of my stuff.  Lots of great collectables gone forever.

Now some 45 years later, I am trying to make complete working sets,  I still have a ways to go.
I like to show off this equipment.  here's a recent picture of me and some equipment at the local airport.

click the picture to make it bigger

again, I like to show it off to the public, and I need more equipment, that's where you might come into the picture,
If you have any of these old radios laying around,  I would like to know about it. I might buy some of them,
however, I don't have unlimited funds, so I'm really looking for donations.
  If you are in northwest usa or KS, NE, CO, WY, UT 
area, I might pay the shipping and packing expenses, if your equipment is something I need or is in excellent condition.
call or email,  208-251-6441 or jcwilson((at))    at any rate, don't pitch any thing that looks military in the dumpster,  PLEASE

I am looking for any military radios, strange communications equipment, teletype equipment,  below are pictures of a few types of equipment..
my interest  is not limited to what you see below ,,     sometimes, little plugs, racks the radios set on, and other
parts and pieces are more important than complete radios,  PLEASE  don't put any history in the dumpster.
sell it , give it away,  but don't through it away.. !!!    IF you think its junk check with me !!

NOTE: the little box on the lower part of the receiver,  its unmodified, something to look for

ARC-5 control boxes,  this one is for 3 radios
they made 2 and 1 radio boxes.




a german radio

Note the aluminum rack this is setting on

Parts and Pieces !!!!

any military plugs, parts ,etc
military service books, any military electronic book
Here's a great resource for military clubs, and radios

interesting control box,,   NICE