mr spudzy says

get ready ,, lets kick some serious ....... ???  well ?? you know what we want to kick

come on Idaho, lets do it ,, !!!!!!!!!!






Idaho Stations                                        RTTY    CW   SSB  

Hello Idaho,    as you all know we are a rare commodity     !

the IDQP committee invite everyone in Idaho to turn those radios on, and work a few,  or go mobile and activate some counties

IF you have any influence with your local club email person,   ask them to  send an email ASAP to your fellow club members and make sure you tell your friends ,,, 

Every Idaho  station on the air helps make this event a success  , the more the merrier.

WE are the DX ,   for newer hams, contests can be daunting ,   and many say contests are a waste of time,
Daunting MAYBE,  a waste not really..       here's a "new guys" guide to contesting   First time IDAHO contesters Help

For big time contesters  The big guns !!,  the IDQP may seem like a ""speck"" on the wall. not worth the bother ???
But why not get into the game in a BIG WAY
I know you all love a pile up,,  so why not turn on the amp,,,,    point the beam east,,,,  and generate some bedlam !

PLEASE go to the rules page, see where you fit in,   get some logging software loaded  (preferably N1MM)  
Using a computer logger makes it easier,  YES much easier.. Especially 
to SEND IN YOUR LOG to Those guys in Twin Falls --- after the contest.

Here are two possibilities for Loggers,  the IDQP  is not associated with either N3FJP or N1MM   

------------------------------------------------------------------      its free but limited to 25 or 30  QSO's  for free..  look for state qso parties
                                       for Idaho Stations,  this probably isn't the best trying to use it free,, you will run
                                       through 30 stations fairly fast,    if you want to buy it,  do it before the contest starts,
                                       the registration system IS NOT AUTOMATED.   it take time and some emails

N1MM ,  is great ,  a bit confusing once you get it loaded, but really GREAT and totally Free

Loading instructions,   first you've got to load the ""full install""
then don't open the program
load the latest update   (second link)

once you get it loaded and running,  the first job is to pick your contest ,  go to FILE,  then NEW LOG IN DATABASE, pick QSO PARTY
it will probably have  7QP in a box , change that to ID   fill in you county's 3 letters ,  and the other info it asks for, , and your set to go

years ago, I would have said this was stupid, but we tried it last year here in Pocatello,
and really had some fun,  it's not to show anyone up,   but to have some fun and  inspire a bit of companionship.

Signup  for the online score system,   you need to
register  using  YOUR CLUB  then  Make your team   IDAHO qso Party    for the IDQP, or if you want use your own team..
Then you need  to add a bit of info to which ever logger your using,
if its like reading russian, call me I can help.
register at
their main page is

NOW, you've got to get the settings correct for whatever Logger your using  ..
when you Log In to see our Team,  make sure to pick the correct contest   (TOP left on the main screen) , then click on teams.

I know some Idaho stations already use the contest online score system,,, you need to go to your Profile  and change your team,  if you want,,

If all else fails,  call me     john k0ip 208 251 6441
Don't wait to the last minute, get ready now, especially with getting your software 'tuned up' ,, check your amp too.


NOW most important, if  your using a logger, and I hope you do   send your log to the boys in Twin Falls after the contest,    LOGS
and THANKS for joining the fun and supporting IDAHO.

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