..The Idaho QSO Party extends over the Daylight Savings Time Jump.
IF your using a computer logging program,  you probably need to take steps to insure your
computer doesn't  jump an hour into the future and scramble the brains of your logging program.

if you are using  windows XP
double click on the clock,  lower right corner ,  go to the "Time Zone" tab,
then un-click the "Automatically adjust........" box.
Now go to the  "Internet Time" tab,  un-click the "Automatic Synchronize......"
These two steps should stop your computer from jumping an hour and messing up your log.

Windows 7
Click on the clock , lower right,  select "Change date and time settings..."
select "change time zone..."    UNSELECT "Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Savings Time"    click OK
make sure the clock is the correct time.   Now go to the Internet Time tab,  click "change settings"  UNSELECT "Synchronize ....."
now make sure your logger knows the correct GMT time. 


TEST your Logger,  make sure your computer clock is correct ,   Make up a call and log it, make sure the UTC time showing in your log is correct.
if not , its probably some setting in your log software, like the UTC offset ?? TEST IT  

If you operate Saturday and come back Sunday morning, you need to  TEST it again
 what time does your logging programs thinks it is  !!     . make sure the UTC is correct.

    click here for the exact UTC/GMT time

 GREAT SCOTT,,    my hair's a mess, and so is my log !!  that dreaded DST did me in ??