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Welcome to the Idaho QSO Party - - - Home Page
Held every year on the second full weekend of March.



Everyone that sent in logs should have received an emailed certificate !
We did have some emails that came back as  non deliverable ? 
SO  If you didn't get a certificate please send us an email,
so we can try again.  Once again,  Thanks to very one that tuned in for the IDQP    73 until next year.

2020 Results

Every Ham that turned his or her radio "ON" was a WINNER !!

Log Submission info
Idaho County List and Map
Possible (?) Logging Software.
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Daylight Savings Time kicks in early Sunday morning, Don't go back in time
see Logging error button above !

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                 The IDQP is sponsored by the following:
Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club - Twin Falls
Ed Stuckey -   AI7H, Post Falls, Idaho  --  IDQP Advisor.
John Wilson - KIP, Pocatello, Idaho  --  Webmaster.

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