The Central Radio Association ,  from the Rockies to the Ohio                                              (top file)

by KIP,   my connection with this radio association is very simple,  My Grandfather became a member in 1916
I will present more about him and his history towards the bottom of the page ,   This page is dedicated to the preservation of Amateur Radio  history.

DO you have any information about the Central Radio Ass'n.        email jcwilson((at))    KIP

Thanks to input from many other hams, I have a little information about an organization .. The Central Radio Association,  which unlike the ARRL located back east were the population was concentrated,  the Central Radio Association was out in the "Wild West"  well OK maybe it wasn't totally wild in the early 1900's it was far less populated ....   It was a active organization of experimenters interested in the NEW invention, RADIO    Fact:  in July 1915 the ARRL the first QST was 7 months away.   From info in the ARRL book 200 meters and down,  it's apparent the Central Radio Ass'n was formed in 1911,   Three years before the ARRL.
There was a lot of "arcing" and "sparking" going on out in the midwest.

This Certificate was my grandfathers, he lived in Shawnee Kansas.
Fremont Jones.. FJ  issued  4 April 1916,
FJ's  certificate was issued 1 year before the USA entered WW1. When the war broke out Fremont Wilson Jones along with his best friend Carl Goddard dropped out of high school and  joined the Navy. FJ served on a troop ship making 23 trips back and forth to Europe,  I'm not sure what Carl did in the war, apparently they joined together, and wanted to serve together,  but  they got separated at boot camp..  I'm sure Carl was involved in FJ's early radio experiments,   Carl live in the next farmhouse up the road..  about 1 mile  from FJ,    CLICK for Pictures of FJ.  

Here is the latest addition to the collection, dated 28 July 1915 ,   AB, for Arnold Barta  who lived in Cedar Rapids,  Iowa
its NUMBER 330.  This certificate and the info about AB  was supplied by his Grandson  Keith Farley  WASVC .. ..  Personal info about AB

now here's a certificate from 24 June 1915,  Its the oldest one we have found,  NUMBER 309..                 supplied by Dale WHSK
it looks like Safford made some modifications to his certificate , I think the original text was ,  a 4 inch coil and maybe Twenty or Thirty miles distance . 
I understand he lived in Topeka Kansas, and later became W9QV then W0QV..

Fact:  a bit curious,  they assigned him  9QV  which might  have followed some sort of government scheme at the time ?? 
but on the two later certificates "AB" and "FJ" they appeared to abandon that strategy ??

OK Guys,   since I started looking for information , with your help,  we have found out several facts... 

heres a paragraph from the ARRL book 200 meters and down.  It says the Central Radio Assn was formed in 1911.
info supplied by Charlie KTHN

 from Glenn KFED  Here the link to the mention of Central Radio in an old issue of The Popular Science Monthly, dated 1915.


   WOW,  would I love to get a copy or PDF of this Blue book  , it would list a lot of radio pioneers  !   Anyone having one please contact me,  




Just below is personal info about my grandfather  FJ

and a bit further down the page is personal info about AB, supplied by his Grandson  Keith Farley  WASVC


FJ,, Wilson Fremont Jones  - Shawnee Kansas

Now if your interested , here's a short history about my Grandfather  Wilson Fremont Jones

here are a few pictures of FJ,  Wilson Fremont Jones sr. he went by Fremont, he was my grandfather, he died when I was just a kid,
I really didn't know him at all, he lived in California and we lived in Shawnee, Kansas.

Born November 25, 1898 in Olathe, Kansas at the Johnson County Jail.   Not because his mother was a criminal , but
because his father John Wilson Jones was the County Sheriff.
Their house was the front part of the jail. My great grandmother , his mother, actually cooked and served dinner to the prisoners. (How things have changed)
He (FJ) died March 4, 1954 in California. Buried at Rosehill Memorial Park, Whittier, California.

US Navy WW1, he was a gunner on the Great Northern (a ship)  he made 23 trips back and forth across the Atlantic,  taking new troops over and
bringing home the wounded. After WW1  He was with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Dept as a patrolman, motorcycle cop and a detective.
He quit the Police Dept because of the corrupt Pendergast regime in Kansas City. He was a salesman for Hall Brothers which is now Hallmark Cards.
His territory was the state of Minnesota.
He later went to California where he was a car salesman. He also owned his own Chrysler dealership in Whittier,  California.
during WW2 he worked as a security guard at a defense plant in San Pedro  .

left Rose Ellen Kanally                              Fremont Jones sr.     WW1 

Fremont Jones, the little guy and his father .  Johnson County Kansas Sheriff
John Wilson Jones .. Sheriff 1898 - 1901,  also served  12 years county commissioner. until his death.
Kansas City Mo,




At the time of his marriage to Jennie Hart ( of the Hart House at Old Shawnee Town)  he was Sheriff of Johnson County. 
He was also a County commissioner for 12 years.
He was a farmer and auctioneer. as commissioner he was responsible for one of the most modern roads in Johnson County, KC - Olathe road, which follows what is now  Southwest Blvd from KC, to Johnson Drive in Merriam, to Nieman road in Shawnee, south to 75th street,  west to Quivira Road, south through Lenexa city center and on to Olathe, the road was made of brick. laid by hand !  Link

His Farm was located at 67th to 71st Street, between  Nieman & Quivira, Now Shawnee Village,   this was not far from his wife's parent's farm, the first location of the "Hart House",,   75th and Quivira Rd..   that house was moved to Old Shawnee Town, and is now know as the "Truck Farm".  A travesty, and loss of true Shawnee history  ..



AB,,  Arnold Barta  -  Cedar Rapids Iowa

more to come,