This was a Collins amateur brochure, probably printed in late 1954 or very early 1955 (?). 
It lists a 30L-1 that was never produced !!       Don't say BS , before you look at the pictures !!!!!!!

This is a case of the Collins advertising folks getting ahead of the production department. 
This combo was later transformed into the KWS-1. The Marketing and manual guys
 just picked the next transmitter number after the 30K series and that was the 30L-1. And,
as we know now, the 30L-1 then would go on to be used in the S-line number assignments which
occurred in the very early 60s for the 30L.
The 30L-1 became the most popular amp Collins produced. (see last picture on this page)

(Note One) Just in from a reliable Collins Collector !
Collins did indeed make a couple of 32W-1s. It was a KWS-1 exciter without the PA cage and with a B+ power supply in the same area.
I have had my hands on one in Arizona in the late 80s and one of my biggest regrets in my collecting is that I did not buy it when I had the
opportunity. But I thought he wanted too much money for it.and I was wrong. I also know of one other in a collection. 

So, at least two 32W-1's  were made. They did not sell well and the offering of the 32W-1 was discontinued very quickly.

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Cover Inside front cover index 75A-4 32W-1
A few were made
Never Produced
321A-1  Speaker
8R-1    100kc cal osc
35C-2  low pass filter
    Mechanical filter adapters Inside back cover
(a pocket !)
back cover

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here are two scans from the 1955 ARRL HANDBOOK

below is a picture of the real 30L-1 Amplifier,,,  rock solid, used 4 each  811 tubes. used by thousands of hams around the world