You got to this page because you want to download some books about the 618T radio,      for a donation of $5
you get them all,  HUNDREDS of dollars worth for $5.  you want to curse me, fine,  but  every month I have to send a
payment to keep this page on the internet.  I need your help,    SORRY   they aren't free any more.   $5 is less than a cup of Starbucks coffee.   

First, click the Donate button,  Fill in $5  and send it to me    ...    note your HAM CALL ,  No Call, NO Access..      no commercial users
THEN  SECOND email me and tell me you sent me money,  I will then email you the URL for the COMPLETE list of books   the return email might take a day,   I don't set in from of my computer all day,  you wont get cheated. 

Please download the books you want,            I'm intend to change the URL often,   don't delay. access time will be limited

If YOU don't have Paypal,,   I think they take your credit card,  otherwise    stuff $5 in an envelope and send it to
John Wilson  ,   1019 Sagewood Place,    Pocatello, Idaho 83201 USA
and email me.

I am not trying to get rich, just pay the bills.  if you have one of these radios, you should download the books and keep them on a memory stick, stored with the radio.

A Note about PDF's. if you view a PDF  its already on your computer, repeat, on your computer you need to save them

in ADOBE Reader, just go up to FILE, and SAVE AS.  Make a folder,  probably best in My Documents, 
save all the 618t files to that folder. 
They are yours forever,


a word of caution about hard drives, and your computer, 
you hard drive will fail, not if, but when, save them to a Stick or CD