You got to this page because you want to download some instruction book  ,  maybe a Harris.. it can be had  for a donation of $5
so you want to curse me, fine,  but  every month I have to send a
payment to keep this page on the internet.  I need your help, please, follow the instructions and donate $5   

First, click the Donate button,  Fill in $5  and send it to me    ...    note your HAM CALL ,  No ham Call, NO Access..      no commercial users
THEN  SECOND email me and tell me you sent me money,  I will then email you the URL for the COMPLETE list of books    this process isn't automated , and  I don't set in from of my computer all day,  so it might be a 24 hours 

Please download the books you want,      

If YOU don't have Paypal,,   I think they take your credit card,  otherwise    stuff $5 in an envelope and send it to
John Wilson  ,   1019 Sagewood Place,    Pocatello, Idaho 83201 USA
and email me.

I am not trying to get rich, just pay the bills.  if you have one of these radios, you should download the books and keep them on a memory stick, stored with the radio.

A Note about PDF's. if you view a PDF  its already on your computer, repeat, on your computer you need to save them

in ADOBE Reader, just go up to FILE, and SAVE AS.  Make a folder,  probably best in My Documents, 
save all the 618t files to that folder. 
They are yours forever,


a word of caution about hard drives, and your computer, 
you hard drive will fail, not if, but when, So save those PDF's to a Stick or CD

and thanks for the donation,   73