This is a letter received by me in 2014.. From  Jim  WA9Z                          and below more pictures of this radio system.  some will make you drool !
I hope you enjoy his story and his  information ..

Stumbled into your 618 page.

We had a version of the 618 that was badged the AN/MRC-117.

A pair of 618T-3's with supplies and autocouplers mounted in a housing
that was bolted in a Dodge Power Wagon extended cab pick-up.
A quick change console was mounted behind the front set of seats, so an
operator could use the rig in the back seat.
So we had two separate rigs, a pair of 32' whips, or dipoles in a go bag.
We used them in part of the EusCom Command Network in Europe from 1976-1984.

I was radio tech that made sure the messages got through.
They could bust any 20M pile-up to the states, or be an absolute bitch when they didn't work.
We weren't allowed to leave the equipment in the trucks off mission, so you can imagine the
problems I had with cables and connector pins.

I used to put 3 antenna sections on the truck and work 20-15-10M mobile when driving site to site.

Our mission was very narrow in scope and I remember learning that less than 100 of these rigs
were ever built in this configuration.

We had 3/4 ton Dodge Power Wagons with camper shells instead of the International trucks depicted in this photo.
Two separate vehicular charging systems. The factory 12V system and a 28V 100 amp Leece Neville alternator
to a couple of batteries in the bed.

It's crossed my mind to build a nostalgia rig. Everything shows up from time to time in the
usual places except the cab console and the rack. I think the rack might have been stripped from donor planes.

Glad to see I'm not the only one willing to endure such pain to launch an HF signal.
Jim WA9Z


A story from Richard Brown
I operated the mrc-117 in Germany as signal support to 501st ADA (special weapons) 1975-78.
Started with the IH crew about, and then had the equipment transfered to a new? Dodge crew about, with a fabricated
metal rear cover.
Got sent TDY to Rein Main AB in 76? For a DS/GS maint course on it for some damn fool reason. All USAF manuals
on the component boxes. Open book test, because the various components were bunged together for a mobile truck.
Detent tuning from a remote control in rear seat. It could be disconnected, and run thru a removing cable 50? Feet.
Tuning freqs, was done by switching on and off a series of ground connections. Also mode selection, USB, lsb and cw.
Selecting a freq on detent switches on console, then keying the Mike, the xmcvr would tune, send rf to auto coupler to
tune it. Console had 2 controls for the two radios, but a selected radio would be transceive, and the other rec only. But
you could swap radios. School had USAF instructors and manuals. Class had 6 students, 3 AF, 3 Army (2  warrant officers
and me a spec5) Final test, open book, schematic troubleshooting, searching thru open manuals. I was the only Army to
pass course. Never did anything to radio system on site except, monthly op 2x hours drive off kaserne, with crypto, 2 ops,
rifle with ammo. Nike here luftwaffe flakrakette battery, fixed system. They kicked us off the radar sight, the first time we
keyed 100w hf within 10 feet of the radar dishes. Stopped going out, removed the console into the frc-93 room, and did
the 2 hrs with the same operator. Or used it to monitor international sw bcasts. Hated the EUCOM nuke net operators.
They had a fixed station detent tuned radio, and we had one two, but we could never get spot on due to carrier freq being
off under 1kc and they kept telling us to tune to them, and we would try to tell them, the radios couldn't correct. 5th Sig or
higher decided the trucks we better used by another unit, and we got a junker Trc133a as a replacement. Deuce equipment van,
5 Collins kwm2a's 2 with dc power supplies, old vacuum capacitor tuner, and whip antennas facing front, 1 1kw pa, and 3 ac
power only radios, for parked ops to tackle hf antenna kits, an trailer with2 5kw ac generators. Parts missing because site
chief and supply didn't  do proper inventory. Crystals in plastic xtal case, missing bits from 5 antenna kits. Cab sides rusting
out. The old tuners broke, and deadlines the vehicle, obsolete. P* contest between 5th Sig, EUCOM, and
FT Monmouth supply over parts. Wandered off a bit. 


OK   as of Easter 2021,,   not functional .. yet
this is the complete radio
left to right the 400hz supply,  the Band Pass filters ,,,   3 each 618-t3,  the one in the middle is a spare , to the right is the back of the antenna tuner

here is the only TO I have on the mrc117,
its only covers the mechanical mounting to the truck , no electronics  
TM 11-2300-370-15-1.pdf 



LOOKING FOR  MANUALS FOR THE MRC-117 RADIO SET , if you have any knowledge of the 117 radio set  ,  any parts, pieces, cables, connectors.. ANYTHING
please contact Any of these three people ,    john.wilson.k0ip(*)gmail(d)com  or k5urg(*)yahoo(d)com   or w1nzr(*)cs(d)com....  

WE are attempting to resurrect these radios, we have VERY LITTLE documentation. A Wiring diagrams would be a great help,   pinouts for the plugs,   WHATEVER you know about will add to our knowledge base and help get get this radio on the air..  

Here are books we are desperately looking for



TM 11-5820-672-35-1  DIRECT SUPPORT, GENERAL SUPPORT FOR CY-6177/GRC              this is the big box the radios go into

TM 11-5820-672-35-2  DIRECT SUPPORT, GENERAL SUPPORT FOR C-7186/GRC                 this is the control box just below

TM 11-5820-672-35-3 DIRECT SUPPORT, GENERAL SUPPORT FOR PP-4721/GRC                This is a Power supply

AGAIN   ANY INFO WILL BE GREAT..     really anything will help


Radio Set   AN/GRC-158  ???

Here is some links about the Army in Germany
some history,   search each page for MRC  to find the mrc117 info

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Brigade operates and maintains 52 mobile contingency units, utilizing the AN/MRC-117 (37), AN/TRC-133A (4), ... KWT-6 -- KWT-6 AN/MRC-117 -- AN/MRC-117 AN/TRC-133A -- this radio
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25 years later, I still remember some of the frequencies) AN/MRC-117 Don't remember too much about ... vehicular use. I remember we called them MRC-117's, but can't remember the ARC