This is a letter received by me in 2014.. From  Jim  WA9Z
I hope you enjoy his story and the information

Stumbled into your 618 page.

We had a version of the 618 that was badged the AN/MRC-117.

A pair of 618T-3's with supplies and autocouplers mounted in a housing
that was bolted in a Dodge Power Wagon extended cab pick-up.
A quick change console was mounted behind the front set of seats, so an
operator could use the rig in the back seat.
So we had two separate rigs, a pair of 32' whips, or dipoles in a go bag.
We used them in part of the EusCom Command Network in Europe from 1976-1984.

I was radio tech that made sure the messages got through.
They could bust any 20M pile-up to the states, or be an absolute bitch when they didn't work.
We weren't allowed to leave the equipment in the trucks off mission, so you can imagine the
problems I had with cables and connector pins.

I used to put 3 antenna sections on the truck and work 20-15-10M mobile when driving site to site.

Our mission was very narrow in scope and I remember learning that less than 100 of these rigs
were ever built in this configuration.

We had 3/4 ton Dodge Power Wagons with camper shells instead of the International trucks depicted in this photo.
Two separate vehicular charging systems. The factory 12V system and a 28V 100 amp Leece Neville alternator
to a couple of batteries in the bed.

It's crossed my mind to build a nostalgia rig. Everything shows up from time to time in the
usual places except the cab console and the rack. I think the rack might have been stripped from donor planes.

Glad to see I'm not the only one willing to endure such pain to launch an HF signal.
Jim WA9Z